New Stills: The Shock Labyrinth 3D

To go along with the trailer for Ju-On creator Takashi Shimizu's latest dive into the terror deep, The Shock Labyrinth in 3D, we've gotten our hands on some really stylish new stills. Say what you want about the guy and his films; he knows his stuff when it comes to making movies about really creepy ghosts that are pretty pissed off.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Crazies

Considering the state of the world we live in, viral outbreak films are all the rage right now, and Breck Eisner's redux of The Crazies fared well overall both with critics and at the box office. So now it's Trembles' turn to provide his take on the flick.

See the Full New Trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Right Now

If yesterday’s ten-second preview of the latest installment in The Twilight Saga, Eclipse, did nothing to satiate your appetite for nipples and abs, then OMG, get a load of THIS full fledged trailer, which also provides our first look at Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria!

Director Gary Fleder Uses Protection with Fox

"Tales from the Crypt" alumnus director Gary Fleder has come a long way since working on several episodes of the hit HBO horror anthology series. With his latest film he intends to confront some real life horrors.

Lionsgate Gets Buried in September

After snatching up Rodrigo Cortes' Buried at Sundance, Lionsgate is making quick work getting the film into theatres. The studio announced today that the flick will be heading our way on September 24, 2010. Use this time to get yourself some sturdy shovels and fill up that damned oxygen tank.

First Clip From the Controversial The Killer Inside Me

By now we've all heard the stories about the ruckus Michael Winterbottom's The Killer Inside Me caused overseas at the European Film Market due to its brutality, so to say our eyes are very focused on this flick is an understatement. The first clip from the film has come online today showing some of the calm before the storm. Sorry, bloodhounds, you're gonna have to wait for your viscera.

Monster Mania 14 Swag Report

Monster-Mania stretches its tentacled appendages across the great state of New Jersey once again this coming weekend, converting man, woman, and child alike to the service of HORROR!!

Horror at the Oscars 3: The Spawning

After the Academy’s attempt at honoring genre during the live show, we saw a real tribute to horror by someone who is truly one of our own. Bob Murawski thanked Sam Raimi for giving him his “first cutting job” in Army of Darkness. His Best Editing award for Hurt Locker was shared by his partner Chris Innis, whom he met on the Raimi produced TV show “American Gothic.”

Gravitas Ventures Gets Video On Demand Rights to American Grindhouse

If you can't get to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival to catch the highly anticipated documentary American Grindhouse, don't fret! You might have to wait a little bit longer to catch Elijah Drenner's promising feature, but it'll be making its way into the confines of your living room soon enough!

Is There a New Psycho Cop Getting Ready to Walk the Beat?

Comedy star Jay Baruchel is looking to break into the horror biz and get away from the more friendly stuff he's done like Tropic Thunder, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Knocked Up, and the forthcoming She's Out of My League. Makes sense to us! Laughter is no substitute for some good old fashioned blood-curdling screams! The first stop on his horror road? A slasher flick tentatively titled Pig.

Blu-ray / DVD Art and Specs: The New Daughter

Anchor Bay's little seen or talked about Kevin Costner spooker, Luis Berdejo's The New Daughter, will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th, and we've got a look at the cover art and more!

Two New Suicide Girls DVDs Coming March 16th

First Look Studios dropped us a line today with info on two new Suicide Girls DVDs hitting the market on March 16th: SuicideGirls: Guide to Living and SuicideGirls: Italian Villa. While they're not strictly horror related, we know the Girls have plenty of fans so thought we'd share the news with our readers.

New Gore Drenched Images from Namco's Splatterhouse

Before Resident Evil ... before Alone in the Dark ... before, hell, Ghouls’ N Ghosts and just about everything else ... there was Splatterhouse -- the original bloodcurdling epic video game featuring a hockey-masked killer with a bigass 2x4 that took the Turbografx 16 and Sega Genesis by storm. Namco just sent over some new screenshots of its upcoming redux of the popular horror game from back in the day, and wow, they look pretty damned sweet and pretty damned violent! Bless you, Namco. Bless you!

New Image Gallery: Namco's Clash of the Titans - The Video Game

Nowadays just about every blockbuster movie has its own video game adaptation waiting in the wings, and Clash of the Titans is no different. Today Namco sent us over a bunch of screenshots from the game featuring Perseus fighting all manner of baddies -- some new and some we have seen before. Could these newer creatures make it into the movie? We'll find out on April 2nd when Louis Leterrier's film hits theatres.

New After.Life Clip Sizes You Up

A new clip for Anchor Bay's After.Life has hit online, and if we do say so ourselves, it is pretty damned unsettling. That's a very good thing!