Dead of Night - New Dylan Dog Concept Art

With the Italian premiere of Kevin Munroe's live-action Dylan Dog adaptation, Dead of Night, happening this coming Halloween, you can expect to see more and more promotional stuff emerging for the flick everywhere. Starting, well ... now.

Hybrid Goes 3D! Looking to Pick Up Distro

Pop quiz, hotshot - Your movie about a psycho car has been finished forever, but you cannot get it out of the proverbial garage. What do you do? What DO you do? You go the 3D conversion route, that's what. Yay.

The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes Has Found His Wife

Every good hero needs a heroine, and the role of Lori has just been filled for Frank Darabont's adaptation of the acclaimed Robert Kirkman comic book series The Walking Dead for AMC.

Official Trailer - Aja's Piranha 3D

No more of that old trailer that has been jumping on and off the Internet for months! The full official trailer for Alexandre Aja's remake of the Roger Corman classic Piranha in 3D is here -- mean and meaty!

Teaser Trailer: Lionsgate's Buried

Pretty sweet! Lionsgate has released its first teaser trailer for Rodrigo Cortes' Buried starring Ryan Reynolds to go along with the new official synopsis and poster for the film.

Naughty Bear Makes Nice with Exclusive Pre-Order In-Game Items From Gamestop and Amazon

505 Games and Artificial Mind & Movement (creators of Naughty Bear) are giving up MEGA goodies to those who pre-order their upcoming and highly anticipated Xbox 360/PS3 title from either Gamestop or Amazon!

New Stills from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Two new stills from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse have been floating around online, and today Summit Entertainment provided us with the official, high-res versions.

Scribe Eric Heisserer Talks Two More Projects

Man, want to talk about being busy? Writer Eric Heisserer has his fingers in several high profile pots as of late including the A Nightmare on Elm Street redux, which is in theatres now, and the upcoming The Thing prequel for Universal as well as Final Destination 5, but he's not stopping there!

Tweet Along with The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural Next Week

The CW Network invites viewers to “Watch and Tweet” with stars and executive producers from each of its shows next Monday, May 3, through Friday, May 7. But we know the only ones you guys are interested in are The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural (okay, maybe a few of you watch Gossip Girl) so read on for further details.

Evil Dead Inspired Aussie Flick Finds Us Damned by Dawn

I, like many, am a big fan of the original Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead. The flick and its sequels have gone on to inspire many a filmmaker over the years, and this latest Aussie flick is no exception.

Unofficial Trailer for The Hole Springs a Leak

So the 3D craze is in full swing and doing huge box office, and we're still wondering ... where the hell is Joe Dante's (shot in 3D, NOT converted) The Hole? Last we heard It might be coming maybe late summer or early fall. While that's cool and all, the 3D backlash is also building momentum. Let's hope this flick doesn't fall victim to it because from what we hear, it's pretty damned good.

Reminder: May 1st Is FREE Comic Book Day

Who doesn't love free stuff? Especially comic books featuring all of horror's big bads: zombies, vamps, demons, and more! In case you've forgotten, this Saturday, May 1st, is Free Comic Book Day!

Lugosi Wines Announces its Inaugural Release

Although Count Dracula may have only drunk blood, the man behind the cape, Bela Lugosi, was quite a wine connoisseur. With the creation of Lugosi Wines, the Lugosi family pays tribute to their patriarch, a man of distinction, while acknowledging the icon that will forever be - Dracula.

Ron Howard Sets Sights on Stephen King's The Dark Tower?

When last we spoke about an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, JJ Abrams and company had bailed on the on-again/off-again project. Now, however, some really interesting news has broken. Apparently Stephen King, Imagine Entertainment, and Weed Road are deep in discussions to get the ball rolling on a big-screen trilogy and TV series out of King's beloved series!

Sid Haig Joins True Blood Star Mehcad Brooks in Lockjaw

Here at Dread Central we love us some indie features. Mainly because things made off of Hollywood's grid have a tendency to exhibit a bit more balls than your standard fare. Especially when said feature is rockin' some horror star power!