NECA's New Freddy Figure All Fired Up

NECA Toys is known for making its collectibles as realistic and detailed as possible. So with a new line of Freddy figures coming soon to celebrate Samuel Bayer's A Nightmare on Elm Street remake for Platinum Dunes, the question beckons ... what little parts will they be coming with that could be harmful to small children if chewed or swallowed?

Saturday Nightmares: Bruiser (2000)

Panned by critics and moviegoers alike upon its direct-to-video release back in 2000, Bruiser never really found its audience and, ten years later, seems to have been entirely forgotten. And while I realize that I’m in the minority here, I’ve always considered this one to be a bit of an overlooked little gem. George A.

Tribeca 2010 Announces the First Half of its Slate

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced the first half of its 2010 slate, and while only one film is pure horror, two more are categorized as noir, and there's also a "gripping psychological drama" thrown in for good measure.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Ninja Assassin on DVD

If much violence, many flying limbs, and geysers of gore sound like a good time to you, not to mention the opportunity to spend a little time with the original Ninja badass Shô Kosugi, then look no further as we've got your chance to win a copy of James McTeigue's Ninja Assassin on DVD.

Exclusive: Patrick Melton Talks The Collector 2, Saw VII 3D, and More

With the seventh entry in Lionsgate’s Saw franchise currently shooting in Toronto, Canada in preparation for its October 22, 2010 theatrical release, Dread caught up with the flick’s co-scribe Patrick Melton to chat about the film as well as the other projects he and long-time collaborator Marcus Dunstan are working on.

Joaquin Phoenix to Portray Edgar Allan Poe?

Thanks to the power of the Internet, news now comes to us from a wide variety of sources from the trades to Facebook to Twitter to such faraway places as the India Times, according to which Joaquin Phoenix will be portraying Edgar Allan Poe in an adaptation of the book The Beautiful Cigar Girl.

A Teaser Trailer Draws Us In The Shadow

Those darn college kids and their wacky ideas for their silly papers! Something wrong with doing a thesis on things that have zero probability of getting you killed anymore? Apparently not for the protagonists in the new thriller In the Shadow.

New Trailer for The Vampire Diaries Episode 15, A Few Good Men

You have to hand it to The CW. They provide more sneak peeks and clips from their shows than just about anybody else out there. And today they've rewarded their loyal viewers of The Vampire Diaries, who have been waiting several weeks for the return of their favorite series, with a new trailer for "A Few Good Men" featuring Ian Somerhalder as Damon: One Bachelor ... Slightly Damaged.

First American Trailer for The Descent Part 2

Finally the trailer for the sequel to Neil Marshall's modern horror classic The Descent, which is coming to the States on DVD courtesy of Lionsgate, has appeared online; and we have a peek at it for you.

Spielberg to Usher in the Robopocalypse?

Steven Spielberg has been actively involved in the sci-fi genre for years so it’s no surprise to learn that he may be considering stepping behind the cameras for another invasion flick. This time, though, it’s not aliens that are hell bent on obliterating mankind, but killer robots.

Go Behind the Scenes of Midnight Syndicate's Dark Legacy Music Video

2010 Marks horror music group Midnight Syndicate's 13th anniversary, and among the other festivities they have planned (i.e., releasing The Dead Matter movie, a soundtrack CD, and their brand new website), band members Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka are filming their very first music video for the song "Dark Legacy".

Want to Make a Horror Movie? Attend the Horror Film Boot Camp!

Are you serious about wanting to write, direct, or produce a horror film but are having trouble putting your project together? Do you feel close to getting a horror film project going but are held back by gaps in your knowledge, skills, and connections? Then the Horror Film Boot Camp could be your ticket to success!

Exclusive Screengrabs from 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

Director Tim Sullivan just returned to the States from his whirlwind 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams UK Tour and has dropped some exclusive screengrabs on Dread Central ... along with a couple of pics of Sullivan with three very familiar faces.

Update on David Fincher's Animated Heavy Metal Project

It looks like David Fincher's idea of creating an animated anthology film based on science fiction/fantasy magazine Heavy Metal is coming closer to fruition, and with names like James Cameron and Zack Snyder attached to it, it's no wonder why.

Dark Horse Prepping Predators Prequel and Sequel

With Nimrod Antal's entry in the Predator franchise entitled Predators looming thankfully closer on the horizon, we're pretty sure you'll be able to expect all sorts of badass promotions and tie-ins heading our way.