A&E Orders Up More Paranormal State

If you've never seen the A&E series "Paranormal State", believe us when we tell you the show is about as strange as the subject matter that it portrays. Dig it or not, more televised things that go bump in the night are on their way!

Update: Laurie Holden and Steven Yeun Join The Walking Dead

More casting news for what is probably horror fans' most anticipated new TV show! Frank Darabont's small screen adaptation of Robert Kirkman's zombie epic "The Walking Dead" continues its pitch perfect casting!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Gets a Release Date

Okay, Twilight fans! The news you've been waiting for is finally here. You've got your director in Bill Condon, you've got your brooding cast in place, and now the official release date has been handed down so you'll know exactly when to head out to theatres to get all screamy.

NYC RoboGeisha Screening with Party on May 18th!

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that the Japanese love their biomechanical women! Subway Cinema (creator of the NY Asian Film Festival) is also aware of this fact and strives to bring these borderline psychotic movies to the States in the spirit of cultural exchange. To that end, May 18th sees the coming of RoboGeisha!

Poster Art and Early Details on Suing the Devil

Australian independent film company Mouth Watering Productions has released the poster art and preliminary details on its latest feature film, Suing the Devil, starring Malcolm McDowell, Shannen Fields, Tom Sizemore, and Corbin Bernsen. The film was written and directed by Timothy A. Chey.

Fantasia 2010: The Shape of Things to Come

If you've never been to or heard of Canada's Fantasia Film Festival, do yourself a favor: Become acquainted quickly and get your asses up to the Great White North as it's an event that's not to be missed! Now for a look at what's to come this year!

The Spierig Brothers to Unleash the Power of the Dark Crystal in 3D

If you're thirty-something like me, one film that keeps popping up from your childhood is Jim Henson's much beloved 1982 classic The Dark Crystal. For a kid's flick it was pretty dark and disturbing.

Two More Clips from Supernatural Ep. 21 - Two Minutes to Midnight

A couple more sneak peeks from "Two Minutes to Midnight", the upcoming penultimate episode of Season 5 of Supernatural, have snuck online, and of course we have them here for your viewing pleasure.

Bring Home the Left 4 Dead 2 Boomer Plush

He's spherical! He belches! He's covered in tumors! You know you want your very own Left 4 Dead 2 Boomer plush toy to play with!

More Super 8 Details

It's amazing the difference that a few hours can make. Just a little while ago we reported that the trailer for JJ Abrams' latest project Super 8 will be attached to prints of Iron Man 2 this weekend. Speculation started running rampant as to whether or not this could be a sequel to Cloverfield, and now the answer has come.

First Teaser One-Sheet: Splice

Warner Brothers unveiled the first official teaser poster for its Frankenstein-esque feature Splice, and it features your very first introduction to cute little Dren!

True Blood Minisode #2 Now Available

The second of six minisodes written by "True Blood" creator Alan Ball has hit online, and of course we have it here for you. This one features everyone's favorite newborn vamp, Jessica, portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll.

Predators - New Character Profile - Noland

The fifth and final character profile from Nimrod Antal's highly anticipated sequel Predators has been revealed. Who is producer Robert Rodriquez introducing us to this week? Noland, portrayed by Laurence Fishburn.

Platinum Studios' Meet the Haunteds Headed to the Big Screen

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for cool sounding projects that also provide a bit of social commentary, and the upcoming Meet the Haunteds comic adaptation looks to fit the bill on both counts.

Ghosts Don't Exist - Except in Canada

Sometimes you just shouldn't be peeking into rooms behind doors that were never meant to be opened. Unless of course you're an investigator with a complete disregard for your life and the lives of those around you. In that case have at it!