ABC Pulls Happy Town; Will Air Remaining Episodes This Summer

Man, that was fast! After airing only three episodes (including tonight's installment), ABC has decided to remove "Happy Town" for the remainder of May sweeps. The series will go on hiatus for two weeks, returning on June 2nd, when the first of its five remaining eps will air.

Freestyle Visits Cell 213

Freestyle Releasing has nabbed U.S. theatrical distribution rights for upcoming horror flick Cell 213, the supernatural morality play directed by Boogeyman’s Stephen T. Kay.

Joe Schreiber Talks Supernatural: The Unholy Cause

Author Joe Schreiber is probably best known as the man that brought horror to the Star Wars universe with his novel Death Troopers. He's decided to bring his brand of chills to another universe we love quite a bit here at Dread Central: the world of the Winchesters and "Supernatural".

Survival of the Dead LA Premiere Hijinx! Revealed: New Game and App on the Way!

So last night was the LA premiere of George A. Romero's next entry into his legendary Dead franchise, Survival of the Dead, and of course the Dread Central staff was on hand to take part in the ensuing shambling shenanigans.

More Details on Hammer's 3D The Woman in Black

As should be obvious from my screen name, The Woman in Black is a big favorite of mine, as well as several other members of the Dread Central staff, so today's confirmation that a new 3D version of the film is on its way from Hammer Films was met with much rejoicing.

The Pack Too Crazed for Cannes?

One flick causing quite a stir at this year's Cannes Film Festival is Franck Richard's debut feature The Pack (La Meute). Looks as if the public is going to have to wait a while longer for their first glimpse of monster-filled goodness!

A Photographic Look at Supernatural's Swan Song and One More Webclip

The title would have been much more poignant and poetic had this season's finale of Supernatural indeed been the series' "Swan Song", but we're certainly not complaining that The CW decided to renew it for at least one more year. And we're extremely happy to provide a big batch of photos from the episode for your viewing pleasure.

Kurt Russell Proves that He's Undying

Say what you want about the movie Death Proof. If it did anything at all, it reminded us of just how much of a badass actor Kurt Russell can be and how lucky we are that he stays working within our genre. Speaking of which ...

Several Stills from the Season Finale of The Vampire Diaries

This Thursday is "Founder's Day" on The Vampire Diaries, and in honor of the auspicious occasion (which also happens to be the show's season finale), The CW has provided us with a nice big batch of stills from the episode. You'll find all 13 of the photos below the synopsis, and for more visit The Vampire Diaries' official site.

Exclusive: Fetch Poster Debut!

We've been telling you guys about the indie film Fetch for some time now, and today Dread Central is pleased to debut the first official poster for the film provided to us by producer Ted LoScalzo of DrippingDead Films.

True Blood Promo Poster Offers Some Advice; Two Casting Updates

Continuing this week's theme of werewolves, the latest promo poster for the upcoming third season of HBO's "True Blood" has hit online, and it offers viewers a bit of advice to "Bewere"!

Early Art and Trailer: Kurt Angle's River of Darkness

Okay, so Kurt Angle's last movie End Game (review here) didn't exactly score itself a clean pinfall victory with fans, but the man is at it again in River of Darkness, this time with Kevin Nash, Psycho Sid Vicious, and original Night of the Living Dead zombie Bill Hinzman in tow. Ready for some sales art and a trailer, or should we simply throw a packet of salt in your eyes?

Super 8 Viral Madness Infects Fans!

With the official Internet release of the teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' Super 8 has come a bevy of viral stuff that will either get your ghost or get you annoyed. That's right, kids, the second that the short snippet hit, sleuthing fans got right to work uncovering the goods.

Tim Burton to Roll the Dice on Monsterpocalypse?

Where did Tim Burton go wrong, exactly? I know the director still has his fans, but in writing this story, I'm hard pressed to recall the last film the director made that was anything but a joyless cash-in. Mars Attacks, perhaps?

Another Photo From Ti West's The Innkeepers, Now With 100% More Orb

Horror fans seem to be fairly split on the work of Ti West, but after The House of the Devil, I'm looking forward to anything this guy does. That includes his upcoming haunted house flick The Innkeepers, which promises to bring the spooky.