ABC Ready to Open The Gates June 20th

ABC will be premiering its new supernatural crime drama "The Gates" on June 20th, and along with a teaser promo for the show, we've got the complete cast listing and a synopsis to share.

The X-Men Get All Fanged Up in Curse of the Mutants

Marvel comics have always mirrored events happening in the world to better relate to the individuals reading them. They also suck up and incorporate popular trends like zombie outbreaks. Now, as Marvel heads into a shiny new future, getting back to the business of heroes pummeling villains on the streets of New York City in the "Heroic Age", it seems the X-Men are going down a very different path. A path that leads to teeth ... and blood ... and if there's any sparkling, you may see me on the news with automatic weapons in my hands. Check the skinny!

Art and Details: Roger Corman's Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World

And Shout! Factory keeps right on doling out the goods as part of its Roger Corman Collection! Get ready for a look at what to expect from the upcoming releases of Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World. From the Press Release:

The German Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us in Rammbock

With Nazi zombies being everyone's go to villain nowadays, it's only fair that the country that spawned the master evil race take its own crack at delivering some undead mayhem! Board up the windows! It's time for Rammbock!

Meet Saloon Leila, a Jonah Hex Comic-Con Exclusive from Tonner

If you're planning to attend this year's San Diego Comic-Con and are a fan of Megan Fox, then you'll no doubt be interested in reading more about "Saloon Leila", an SDCC exclusive from Tonner Doll Company based on Fox's character in the upcoming Jonah Hex.

Fox Makes a Date with WETA and Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Apes

Looking to permanently wash away the memories of Tim Burton's tepid and oh so silly Planet of the Apes remake? (Really, why did Helena Bonham Carter's ape have perfectly shaped eyebrows?) Fox is moving full steam ahead with its prequel, hiring an effects company, giving the flick a new title, and even setting a proposed release date.

Devil Worshippers Beware! You May Be Part of the Kill List

Rotten Cotton Gets Creepy and Dead

Wow. The surreal moments just keep on coming. When I did my part in George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead, I had no idea where it would lead. Seeing the finished product was cool, and seeing the fan reaction for the most part was even better. I couldn't be more pleased. But now comes this. The strangest news story I've ever written.

Release Date Shuffle: Hotel Transylvania 3D and Hereafter

"Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania! Such a scary place. Such a scary face. Plenty of doom at the Hotel Transylvania! Any kind of fear. You can find it here!" There. Now just try and get that shit out of your heads!

Vamp Drama Moonlight Returning to the Airwaves!

Were you a fan of the series Moonlight starring Alex O'Loughlin? Or maybe, like me, you missed it during its brief run and always wondered what the fuss was about. In either case you should be happy to hear that The CW will be showing reruns of the much beloved Moonlight on Thursday nights beginning June 3rd.

CONTEST CLOSED! See Survival of the Dead With George Romero In LA

In the LA area next Tuesday, May 11th, and looking for a little zombie mayhem to take part in? Then look no further as that's the date that the next chapter in George A. Romero's epic franchise, Survival of the Dead, will be having its premiere at the Arclight in Hollywood with George in attendance! Even better? We've got twenty-five (25) pairs of tickets to give away so you can see it on us!

Another New The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Still - The Cullen Men

Now that we're getting closer to the June 30th release date for David Slade's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, more and more photos and other treats are being released by Summit Entertainment. Today we have a still of four of the Cullen men discussing something obviously quite serious.

Michael Imperioli Sends Horror into Foreclosure

Ah, young Christopher. He always wanted to make it in the horror business. It's too bad that damned Tony had to whack him before he really got a chance to spread his wings. It's a good thing for us his real-life counterpart got away unscathed.

More Spoilers - JJ Abrams' Super 8

It seems like only a few hours ago that we gave you the latest on JJ Abrams' Super 8. That's because it was. Some more "facts" have come to light, this time detailing exactly what's to come this weekend. The plot thickens.

Fear the Call of Siren - Early Art and Trailer

No, not the PS2 or even PS3 game! Although they are pretty damned cool. We're talking Andrew Hull's new thriller that's being described as The Descent and Open Water meet Dead Calm. Okay. That is enough for us! We are in!