Two New Images: The Last Exorcism

Two more images from Lionsgate's forthcoming fright flick The Last Exorcism (formerly known as Cotton) have found their way online, and we're compelled by Christ to show them to you!

True Blood Minisode #4 Now Available Online

Another "Drop of True Blood" has hit the Net via Minisode #4, which features Sam Trammell's Sam Merlotte getting the last word in, so to speak, with regard to Michelle Forbes' character, Maryann Forrester.

Predators Website Upgraded Again to Ensure Your PC or Mac is Looking Deadly

Look at your desktop. Porn, porn, porn. Okay, so maybe that's just Foy's, but in any event Twentieth Century Fox has just retooled the official Predators website with some wicked new wallpapers to dress up your digital digs!

Blood Oath Becoming a Feature Film

Well. That didn't take long. Just a few hours ago we told you about Chris Farnsworth's new vampire thriller Blood Oath hitting store shelves ... well ... today, and now comes the news that it's also getting adapted for the big screen.

Behind-the-Scenes Video Journals - The Dark Fields

Looking forward to Neil Burger's upcoming horror flick The Dark Fields? Yeah, we are, too. If only for the amazing cast line-up! To get you further worked up, Rogue Pictures has released six video diaries to dig on!

CONTEST CLOSED! Three Weeks of The Wolfman Contest Part 1

In anticipation of the home video release of The Wolfman, Dread Central, in association with Universal, has put together a contest to keep you howling until the day it comes home -- June 1st!

Exclusive One-Sheet Debut: The Lewis Brothers' Bottomfeeder

Just last week we brought you the news that the creative team behind Black Devil Doll, the Lewis Brothers, have a new monster flick on the horizon called Bottomfeeder. Now just days later we have the skinny on when you can see the very first clip and the official one-sheet debut featuring artwork by long-time Lewis Brothers collaborator Stephen Romano, who also wrote the film's screenplay.

First Blu-ray News: Seven

When it comes to movies about serial killers, it's really hard to find one that's caused more of a stir than David Fincher's Seven. We still think about the ending every now and again and feel like we've been hit by a bus. Now, thanks to the advent of Blu-ray, on September 14th we're going to get the chance to see every gory detail in glorious high definition.

Over a Dozen Images Make This One Sucker We Don't Wanna Miss!

Yes! More good old fashioned monster mayhem! We just got our claws into over a dozen images from Michael (Babysitter Wanted) Manasseri's new flick Sucker (a few of which are debuting online for the very first time) and holy cow is this one looking good!

Blood Oath: A Political Thriller Novel ... With Vampires!

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on our coverage of the literary side of the genre so when we learned about a new novel coming out tomorrow, May 18th, entitled Blood Oath about the President's own personal vampire guardian, well, of course we had to share it with our readers.

George A. Romero Talks Survival of the Dead and More!

There are icons of horror. There are even masters of horror. Then there’s George A. Romero. The legendary director changed the landscape of the horror genre single-handedly by infusing social messages with a terrifying exploration of human (and inhuman) nature in his 1968 landmark independent horror classic, Night of the Living Dead.

Details on the Godkiller Theatrical Tour and VOD Home Invasion

Halo-8 and Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller has added eight cities to its You-Demand-It Theatrical Tour, and in addition word has come down from their VOD partner, Gravitas Ventures, that 19 of the 20 major cable VOD providers have selected the film for their summer programming, ensuring it will be available in over 75 million homes starting May 25th.

Get Your Medieval On With Syfy's Witchville

With costumes unquestionably inspired by Dragon Age and Kung Fu action racing along at the speed of Chronicles of Narnia, Syfy's latest, "Witchville", is coming to set your Saturday night to a light smolder this May 22nd. Director Pearry Teo allegedly poured his heart and soul into the project so as always, I hold out hope that I'm wrong, but this new clip posted by the denizens of Syfytopia hasn't convinced me this is anything more than ... well ... more of the same for Syfy.

Joe R. Lansdale Guest Blog: Why Drive-Ins?

To help promote Underland Press' recent release of the Joe R. Lansdale collection entitled The Complete Drive-In, we'll be running a pretty cool contest starting on Friday, May 21st. Leading up to the contest's kick-off, Joe will be guest blogging each day this week, answering questions pertaining to the book.

Tom Holland to Unleash His New Brand of Twisted Tales

Director Tom Holland has been on the front lines of the horror genre his whole career and turned in many a modern classic as a result. Now he's venturing out into a whole new world of terror with some of the genre's heavyweights, and he's taking us all along for the ride!