Famous Monsters of Filmland Getting a Movie Series Reboot

We already know that Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine is making a return. Now it seems they're the inspiration for a news series of creature features showcasing five of cinema's most iconic monsters being produced by the ambitious low budget production company Halcyon International Pictures under the banner Famous Monsters of Filmland: Reboot.

Review: Darren Bousman's Mother's Day

Wondering what to expect when Darren Bousman's version of the 1980 Charles Kaufman classic Mother's Day hits theatres? Wonder no more! We've got the scoop on whether or not mama's boys have made her proud!

Weekend of Horrors: Hatchet II - What Did You Miss?

Without question there were many incredible moments at this weekend's Creation Weekend of Horrors, but there's little doubt that Saturday belonged to Adam Green and the Hatchet Army. Ready for a brief recap of what you may have missed?

Weekend of Horrors: More Details: I Spit on Your Grave

Some news coming out of this weekend's Creation Weekend of Horrors concerning Steven R. Munroe's remake of I Spit on Your Grave. Fans in attendance were treated to a couple of pretty damned gruesome clips as well as a unique look at some of the film's crazy-ass gore effects. What went down? We've got the skinny for you.

Three More New Twilight Saga: Eclipse Character Banners

When it comes to promotional materials for the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, it appears that Summit Entertainment has decided that bigger is definitely better as they just released three more character banners hyping the film's release in theatres and IMAX on June 30th.

First Look at Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

2001 Maniacs director Tim Sullivan dropped us a line with a first look at the upcoming horror comedy Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, which promises to be all sorts of blasphemous!

First Trailer, Images, and Artwork: Two Eyes Staring

Another horror import has raised its hopefully frightening head today, this time coming all the way from the Netherlands. Get ready for the new thriller Two Eyes Staring, or Zwart Water for you purists out there who don't mind being worldly!

Exclusive: Early Look at FEARnet's Animated Horror/Comedy Series, Mari-Kari

With the summer season fast approaching, most shows are lapsing into reruns until the fall, leaving audiences hungry for new and interesting content. And that's where the good people at FEARnet come into play, as they ready their new animated horror/comedy series, Mari-Kari. And we've got an early look today, just for you!

IFC Midnight Proves We Are What We Are

Further filling out its horror library, IFC's new genre label, IFC Midnight, has just acquired the rights to bring Mexican cannibals into our homes! Take THAT, Arizona!

Badass New Teaser Trailer: Xavier Gens' The Divide

Now THIS is what we call a teaser trailer. There's no doubt about it; Xavier Gens' upcoming horror flick The Divide, formerly known as The Fallout, has just skyrocketed to the top of our "Holy shit, do we want to see that" list!

The Lost's Chris Sivertson and Marc Senter Reteam to Kick Ass

With The Lost director Chris Sivertson established himself as a genre director to be watched. Part of what made the film so damned good was actor Marc Senter's chilling performance. The good news? The duo are reteaming to do another film. The bad?

New Teaser Poster: Hatchet II

Making its debut at this weekend's Creation Weekend of Horrors is the latest teaser poster for Adam Green's Hatchet II. Bummed that you won't be there to see it? No worries, dear reader, we have it here for you right now!

Anchor Bay Flies the Unfriendly Skies with Altitude

Really exciting news, folks! One of our most anticipated monster movies has gained itself some distribution, and that means it will not be long before the creature carnage spills off of the screen and into our laps!

Peter Jackson Talks Universal's New King Kong 3D Attraction

Hearts of fans everywhere were broken when the King Kong attraction burned down at Universal Studios LA a couple of years ago. But you can't keep a good ape down. Especially one so pissed off and huge! We're happy to announce that Kong is now back, and bigger and badder than ever!

Patrick Tatopoulos to Bug Out with The Colony

If there's one thing that special effects maestro, creature creator, and director Patrick Tatopoulos knows, it's monsters. Thankfully the man's got another one of the way that's sure to send some "keep that friggin' thing away from me" type shivers up your spine.