Joe R. Lansdale Guest Blog: What's Playing at The Drive-In?

One of the key features of Joe R. Lansdale's The Complete Drive-In is that two movies are playing at the Orbit Drive-In in the novels: Night of the Living Dead and The Toolbox Murders. Today Joe's guest blog discusses them both.

App of the Dead Website and Social Media Sites Now Live

As we told you a few days ago, Reverb Games is gearing up to release George A. Romero's App of the Dead, and now comes word the game already has a new website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Summer of 2010 Heats Up with The Evil Dead on Blu-Ray!

Finally! Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment has confirmed an August 31st Blu-ray release of Sam Raimi's seminal film The Evil Dead starring Bruce Campbell.

International Poster Debut: Julia's Eyes

Last week the trailer for the latest Spanish terror tale from producer Guillermo del Toro, Julia's Eyes (or Los ojos de Julia), hit online, and now comes the very first bit of poster art.

IFC Midnight Catches Its Prey

IFC's new horror label, IFC Midnight, has scored another flick to fill out its ever growing library of genre titles -- Antoine Blossier's debut feature Proie (Prey).

Heavy Rain Headed to the Big Screen

If you've never played the Playstation 3 serial killer on the loose game Heavy Rain (review here), then you missed out on one of the single most unique game play experiences ever created. Simply put, the game is about as close to actually role playing through someone's life as you can possibly get, and these elements, combined with a great twisted story, were nothing short of an epic win!

Taurus Entertainment Ready to Cash-in on Fans with Another Day of the Dead Remake in 3D

If there's one film company out there whom we take an extreme amount of issue with, it is James Glenn Dudelson and Ana Clavell's Taurus Entertainment. The reason is because the duo take properties they ended up owning through some minor miracle and then give them horrendous in-name-only sequels to fool fans into watching and possibly buying. They're back and ready to do more damage.

Three International Posters - Predators

Man, this year is just flying by! It's hard to believe that the release of Nimrod Antal's Predators is just a few weeks away; yet, here we are. To celebrate the nearing of this highly anticipated flick, we've gotten our hands on three international posters for it.

David R. Ellis in Talks to Unleash War Monkeys

It's been nearly two whole years since we talked about a big screen adaptation of Dark Horse's pissed off simians run amok film, War Monkeys, but a lot can happen with the passage of time, including a change of director!

Ninth True Blood Promo Poster Offers a Night Cap

And we're just about winding up HBO's super fun promotional campaign for Season 3 of "True Blood". Promo Poster #9 has hit the Net -- Can we offer you a night cap?

Ryuhei Kitamura to Direct Black Friday 3D?

More news out of Cannes. A new slasher is getting set to bring his special brand of slaughter to horror fans, and one hell of a director is said to be getting behind the project.

This Weekend's Creation Weekend of Horrors Grows Bigger and BIGGER!

In the LA area and wondering what to do this weekend? Dudes and dudettes, if you're a horror fan, then trust us ... get your asses to the Creation Weekend of Horrors!

More Details and Early Artwork: Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova

More details and some early artwork for Steven Spielberg's latest dino-centric Fox TV show, "Terra Nova", have come in, and things appear to be shaping up quite nicely. Not sure how much pure horror we're going to be getting from this one, but at the very least the show is gonna scratch that "We Need More Giant Monsters" itch!

Ghostbusters Live In New York? YES! Watch Now!

Who needs all of the "he said, she said" headaches circling Ghostbusters 3? It's as if everyone involved forgot how much fun the movie and the experience was! Well ... everyone but us fans and comedy troupe Improv Everywhere.

Dress Your PC and Mac with Classic Gamera Wallpapers! More DVD News!

One of the coolest damn things about Shout! Factory's latest DVD release of Gamera: The Giant Monster (review here) is Gamera's anatomy chart. Simply put -- it's chock-full of win, and now you can sport it on your home computers and elsewhere!