New Clip from Chistopher Smith's Black Death

We have always wanted a clip from someone's death, be it black or otherwise. I mean if only out of morbid curiosity. What's that? Oh, this is for the movie? Well ... okay then!

Dark Horse's Dreadful Ed and Mary Scary Set to Reanimate for Universal

Two more Dark Horse properties are getting the adaptation treatment courtesy of Universal, but this time the powerhouses are going a bit of a different route.

Corey Feldman Talks Lost Boys 3: The Thirst

Even Corey Feldman admits it ... Lost Boys 2: The Tribe sucked, but not in the way that everyone was hoping for. With the third one on the way Feldman spoke candidly about the sequel and why this time he thinks they have it right!

Not Safe For Work: 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Beyond Red Band Trailer Debut

Any cinephile out there knows the difference between a green and a red band trailer, but for the sake of clarity -- green band trailers feature nothing objectionable, and red band trailers give us a taste of the good stuff that we want like gore and maybe a glimpse or two at, shall we say, some less than family-friendly situations. But what if we went beyond red band?

Final All About Evil One-Sheet and Info on the Special Los Angeles Screening

Finally after a whopping eight teaser posters the final one-sheet for Joshua Grannell's horror comedy All About Evil is here! We swear it is! This is it! No bullshit!

Second Rubber Clip Rolls Out

Robert the psychic tire is pissed off and ready to mutilate all who cross his path of destruction! If there's one flick we're chomping at the bit for, it's Quentin Dupieux's Rubber, if only for the truly maniacal premise and all the loony shit we've seen about it lately. Ready for a new clip?

Dread Central Presents: Get Off My Porch!

We're pleased to present the latest short film from writer/director Patrick Rea entitled "Get Off My Porch", which was shot in Patrick's stomping grounds of Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas.

Saving Abel's Top 10 Female Villains

Saving Abel has a new album dropping on June 8th entitled Miss America, and since the guys are horror fans, they thought they'd pay a little tribute to some of the not-so-wholesome women who have haunted their dreams and nightmares over the years.

DVD Releases: 6/8/2010: Let the Metal Man Take You Up the Creek to Shutter Island

This week's DVD and Blu-ray releases are definitely on the slim side, but there are still a few gems worth your attention, including a National Geographic documentary that explores centuries of vampire lore and legend, unearthing new science and insights on superstition and psychology ... all with nary a sparkle in sight!

Eliza Dushku is Locked In

Once upon a time Eliza Dushku was in a little indie flick called Valediction. Fast forward a while, and it came to pass that Valediction had gotten itself a new name, Locked In. Spring ahead to today, and a new trailer has found its way online that's bound to get your ghost!

Exclusive: The Real World of Alan Wake

Anyone who has seen even thirty seconds of Alan Wake (review here) can pick up on the game's primary influence, that being the legendary television series "Twin Peaks". Considering that development studio Remedy is based in Finland, that came as a bit of a surprise. The amount of detail in the world of Bright Falls and its surrounding areas is intense, and it turns out that detail came at quite a bit of cost and effort.

A Peek Behind the Scenes of a Predators Scoring Session

The score can really make or break a film, especially if it's one that requires atmosphere and tension. Want a taste of what's in store for viewers of Nimrod Antal's upcoming Predators and listeners of John Debney's spine-tingling score for the flick? Look no further!

Julia Stiles Officially Joins Dexter But Julie Benz Isn't Done With Him Yet Either

With the new season of "Dexter" gearing up to give fans more of what they love about the exploits of everyone's favorite family man serial killer, a couple of new developments have popped up, including the return of the nagger!

CBS Won't Be Beastly Until 2011

Just a few weeks removed from its announcement of shifting the release of Beastly so as not to clash with Universal's upcoming Charlie St. Cloud, which stars Zac Efron, CBS Films has finally announced Beastly's new release date, and wow, is it pretty damned far off.

New French Horror Flick The Hunt Has Humans on the Kill List

Since the dawn of time man has always hunted something or other. We're predators of the most dangerous sort after all. In Thomas Szczepanski's new french horror flick, The Hunt, the most dangerous game of all is now on the menu -- ourselves.