Exclusive: More Italian Zombie Mayhem in Eaters

It's been a long time since Italian zombies stalked our screens, but thankfully that's about to change with Marco Ristori and Luca Boni's Eaters! We've got some new stills to sink your teeth into so strap in, friends! Things are about to get a little sticky!

Second Jonah Hex Poster Unleashed

The synopsis for Jimmy Hayward's upcoming Jonah Hex talks about hell being unleashed on earth, and today the powers-that-be unleashed a new poster for the flick featuring, of course, Megan Fox's "attributes" -- despite the fact we keep hearing she only plays a very small role. Big surprise, right?

Bat Boy Lives! ... In Plastic!

My favorite bits of reading as I flew through the grocery checkout were always sightings and new discoveries pertaining to "Bat Boy" on the cover of The Weekly World News. Apparently Steve Forde of Go Hero has similar memories and decided NOW is the time that the enigma that is Bat Boy be fleshed out in plastic for your desktop, car dashboard and Hummel curio cabinet.

Ugly Americans Season Finale: Kong of Queens

It seems like we just started talking about Comedy Central's Ugly Americans, and already this week is the show's season finale. But no worries -- it's been picked up for an additional season, which will start airing in October. During the finale tomorrow night, April 28th, Mark struggles as he attempts to help a giant ape with OCD, voiced by 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer.

Jersey Zombies Invade NYC

Magnet Releasing is set to premiere Survival of the Dead in New York City on May 16th, so what better way to celebrate the coming of George Romero and his zombie hordes than with our own local 507 branch of Corpses United?

Anchor Bay to Bring the Horror to the Texas Frightmare Weekend

In the final days of VHS and throughout the glory days of DVD, there’s no question that Anchor Bay was THE savior for horror fans. The sheer amount of obscure, quality genre films they gave us access to is almost difficult to believe. It’s sad that their output has slowed to a crawl, but it’s great to see the Bay is still alive and kicking with some real goodies coming down the pike!

Seventh Clip for A Nightmare on Elm Street Takes Us for a Ride

As if yesterday's A Nightmare on Elm Street video blowout wasn't enough, a seventh clip from Platinum Dunes' retelling of the Wes Craven classic has surfaced.

Psych 9: Director's Diary Takes You Behind-the-Scenes

The folks behind the upcoming UK horror thriller Psych: 9 just sent over a behind-the-scenes video diary of director Andrew Shortell to share with Dread Central readers. In addition, they let us know the film has a new UK release date of May 7th.

Casting News on Ti West's The Innkeepers

It's been a while since we've gotten any sort of update on Ti West's upcoming The Innkeepers for Dark Sky Films, but now that this week marks the start of production, we have some solid casting news to share.

New True Blood Cast Photo Promises Some Real Bad Things

We all know and love the theme song to HBO's True Blood, Jace Everett's "Bad Things", and the new cast photo for the show's Season 3 promises a lot more of the same.

Predators - New Character Profile - Cuchillo

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for a quick trek into the jungle to get the scoop on yet another character from Nimrod Antal's highly anticipated sequel Predators. Who is producer Robert Rodriquez introducing us to this week? Cuchillo, portrayed by Danny Trejo.

Early Details on Proposed New Franchise Watch Island

We're always interested when word comes about a potential new horror franchise, especially if the big bad sounds promising. Today we bring you the first details on Watch Island, which is being produced by Bradley Hvolbeck, Jr., of Breaking Waves Entertainment and his partner Pietro D'Alessio of Alexius OmniMedia.

Are You Ready to Suffer Little Deaths?

What do you get when you take three of England's most promising horror filmmakers, Andrew Parkinson (I, Zombie, Venus Drowning), Simon Rumley (Red White & Blue, Living and the Dead), and Sean Hogan (Isle of Dogs, Summer's Blood), and bring them together for one killer anthology flick? Imagination Worldwide's latest terror flick Little Deaths, that's what!

The Thompsons Take Center Stage in the Butcher Brothers' The Hamiltons 2

Back when the first After Dark Horrorfest hit several years ago, one of the first films that made one hell of an impression was the Butcher Brothers' take on vampire family The Hamiltons (review here). Since then the brothers have had a couple of misfires along the way, but they are now ready to get back to business with a sequel.

Behind-the-Scenes: After Dark Originals - Seconds Apart

It's two times the terror for one of the After Dark Originals coming this fall, Seconds Apart, and we've got your chance to meet the twins!