Piranha 3D Spawns an International One-Sheet

Once again we're beaten to the punch on our own stuff here in the States. The new international one-sheet for Piranha 3D has hit the Web, and even though it kind of sucks, all I can wonder is where the hell is our official one-sheet?

International One-Sheet: The Killer Inside Me

Time for a new poster with a hint of international flavor for the ever so controversial new flick The Killer Inside Me. Take a bite!

Official One-Sheet: Dogtooth

Just yesterday we told you about Yorgos Lanthimos' new Greek horror flick Dogtooth, and today we have the official one-sheet for your mass consumption.

Dexter vs. Jason vs. Hack/Slash? HELL YES!

The wondrous thing about comics is that they can literally do anything and go anywhere. There have been many crossover projects over the years in the illustrated world, but this latest one will own the hearts of horror fans everywhere ... even if it is just a single page.

Six New True Blood Season Three Clips

The hit vampire series "True Blood" is back for its third season starting this Sunday, and to get you fangbangers geared up for the vampy goodness, we have, count 'em, six new clips for you to cut your teeth on!

Watch a Preview of the Stonehenge Apocalypse!

The only people who like destroying the world more than Roland Emmerich are the movie execs at Syfy, and they're always coming up with new and more preposterous ways of wreaking havoc on humanity. Syfy's latest source for our doom hails from the English countryside in the form of a Stonehenge Apocalypse, and you can witness the beginning of our demise in a new clip from the film debuting this weekend.

Community Member Becomes One of the Knights of Badassdom!

More casting news has come in regarding Joe Lynch's next feature film, Knights of Badassdom - a very funny and familiar face will be joining the ensuing fight against evil!

Hone Your Zombie Killing Skills for Crackdown 2

The original Crackdown for the Xbox 360 was a fun little open world sci-fi shooter, but it was hardly something that we'd cover around these parts. The upcoming sequel, however, is a completely different kind of beast riddled with zombies, mutants, and more. Oh, happy day!

New Twilight Saga: Eclipse Clip Introduced by Robert Pattinson

Just three weeks stand between Twilight Saga fans and the debut of the franchise's third installment, Eclipse, and in honor of the occasion a new clip has surfaced introduced by none other than Edward Cullen himself!

The Twilight Zone Season One Officially Hitting Blu-ray!

Words cannot express how happy we are to report this tasty nugget of news. The original Rod Serling classic television show "The Twilight Zone" is readying itself for its Blu-ray debut on September 14th courtesy of Image Entertainment -- our new favorite distributor!

Trailer and New York Premiere Info: Dogtooth

In the market for a little Greek horror/comedy/tragedy? Then Yorgos Lanthimos' new film Dogtooth may just be exactly what you're looking for!

First Art and News: House of Last Things

Coming from writer/director Michael Bartlett (not to be confused with the Michael Bartlett who brought us The Zombie Diaries) comes a new chiller in the vein of The Shining to keep us thoroughly frightened by those wicked things that go bump in the night.

David Hess Enters The House That Wept Blood

Genre favorite David Hess whom you may remember from such visceral classics as The Last House on the Left and The House on the Edge of the Park is getting set to move into his third house of horrors and we've got the skinny on what to expect once he gets there.

Alan Ball Gets 'Set' for True Blood Season 3

Hard to believe that "True Blood" is slinking its way into a third season already. Seems like just yesterday we were wandering into the fictional town of Bon Temps, right? Today creator Alan Ball tells us a little bit about what to expect in the most recent season when it returns to HBO on June 13.

Sector 7 Coming Packed with Japanese Creatures in 3D

And the monster movies thankfully keep on coming! This time the team behind the Korean classic The Host, CJ Entertainment, are looking to finance a new Japanese creature feature entitled Sector 7 aka Mining Area 7 or Je Chil Gwanggu for you purists.