True Blood Ep. 27 Post Mortem & Inside the Episode and Ep. 28 Promo

Those of us here at Dread Central who watched last night's episode of "True Blood" entitled "It Hurts Me Too" are still reeling from the closing few moments. Thankfully we have a Post Mortem that focuses on Alcide as we don't even want to think anymore about what's got Bill so twisted up! But if you do, we also have "The Weight of the World", which explores some of the themes uncovered in the ep.

First Look: Neve Campbell in Scream 4

We're just days away from Scream 4 going before cameras, and finally our first glimpse at what the returning Neve Campbell will look like in the flick has come!

First Look: NECA's New Predators Figures!

Remember a few weeks ago NECA teased their new Predators action figures with an image of three silhouetted hunters? Well it's time to fill in the damned blanks with a boatload of plastic badassery!

Final [REC] 2 Red Band Trailer

The fine folks over at Magnet have released the final red band trailer for Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's disturbing sequel done right, [REC] 2, and we have every ass-whipping second of it for ya!

Director Rod Lurie on the Straw Dogs Remake

With the remake of the 1971 classic film Straw Dogs now officially in the can, the big question on fans' minds is just how visceral this new version will be in comparison to the original. That being said, some new light has been shed upon the subject.

Producers Offer Update on Xombie Adaptation

To say that we are fans of James Farr's flash / comic sensation Xombie around the Dread Central offices is a bit of an understatement. Simply put, it was friggin' brilliant, and if you dug it as much as we did, then you, too, are probably jazzed about the upcoming adaptation. Speaking of which ...

More Animated Addams Family Talk

A bit more concerning that latest adaptation of the brilliant work of Mr. Charles Addams. Looks like there's truly something special brewing in grandmama's cauldron! In an interview with ComingSoon.net producer Christopher Meledandri spoke a bit about the upcoming 3D animated version of The Addams Family we told you about a few months ago.

A Peek into the New Seasons of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

The CW Network may have decided to split up "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural" by running them on separate nights starting this fall, but to us they'll always go together like ... well ... vamps and slayers. So it seemed fitting to combine the two tidbits of news we got about the shows' upcoming seasons.

2010 Saturn Award Winners

There weren't a lot of horror films or TV shows honored during the 36th Annual Saturn Awards, presented last night, June 24th, by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, but those that were certainly are deserving.

Guillermo del Toro Getting Ready to Rock with Frankenstein

I'm one of the few people who didn't mind the news that visionary director Guillermo del Toro was off of The Hobbit. Don't get me wrong; it's sad to think that we'll never see what del Toro had planned for Middle Earth, but his departure would mean that he'd have more time to devote to other projects ... like his remake of Frankenstein that we've been salivating over since it was announced.

Cover Artwork for After Dark Comic Issues #0 and #1

Nothing like a little post-apocalyptic mayhem to pique our interest in a new comic. Especially when it comes from the likes of director Antoine Fuqua (Brooklyn’s Finest, Training Day), actor Wesley Snipes (Blade), and award-winning writer Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Skreemer). And that's exactly what we have in Radical Publishing's upcoming After Dark.

Official Blu-ray Specs: The Twilight Zone: Season One

Now this is how we like capping off a work week! Pull up a chair, dear reader, as we have got the complete specs for "The Twilight Zone" Season One for you. I want to nest inside of this Blu-ray like Han Solo did a Tauntaun on planet Hoth. And the angels sing ... From the Press Release

The Molting Issue 4 and "Leave Yer Mark" Art Contest

Terrance Zdunich's portrait of a dysfunctional American family in the 90's, The Molting, has just dropped Chapter 4 entitled "Lethal Raids" on an unassuming public. In addition, the issue provides details on an art contest the writer/illustrator/performer has come up with for fans of the comic.

Danielle Harris Ready to Take a Bite Out of William Forysthe's New Blood

It's no secret Danielle Harris is a favorite around the Dread Central offices. It's like we kind of grew up with her, and besides, she's turned into one hell of an actress. With Hatchet II, Night of the Living Dead: Origins, and Stake Land on the way, we just caught wind of something else Harris has up her sleeve.

Get a Glimpse of Paul Bettany as Priest

The question remains ... will we ever see Priest? Given how many times the release date has been shuffled (it now stands at May 13th, 2011, but who knows?), it's getting harder and harder to tell. Given that the first image of Paul Bettany as the title character has surfaced in this week's Entertainment Weekly, maybe we have some hope after all.