Are You Ready to Suffer Little Deaths?

What do you get when you take three of England's most promising horror filmmakers, Andrew Parkinson (I, Zombie, Venus Drowning), Simon Rumley (Red White & Blue, Living and the Dead), and Sean Hogan (Isle of Dogs, Summer's Blood), and bring them together for one killer anthology flick? Imagination Worldwide's latest terror flick Little Deaths, that's what!

The Thompsons Take Center Stage in the Butcher Brothers' The Hamiltons 2

Back when the first After Dark Horrorfest hit several years ago, one of the first films that made one hell of an impression was the Butcher Brothers' take on vampire family The Hamiltons (review here). Since then the brothers have had a couple of misfires along the way, but they are now ready to get back to business with a sequel.

Behind-the-Scenes: After Dark Originals - Seconds Apart

It's two times the terror for one of the After Dark Originals coming this fall, Seconds Apart, and we've got your chance to meet the twins!

TItle Change: Exorcismus Becomes The Possession of Emma Evans

And we can can say goodbye to another cool title in favor of a far more wooden and lifeless one as the Spanish shocker Exorcismus has been compelled by the dullard devil to become The Possession of Emma Evans.

Lionsgate Unveils Its Teaser Poster for Buried

Now this is what we call a poster! Lionsgate has released its first teaser poster for Rodrigo Cortes' Buried starring Ryan Reynolds along with a new official synopsis for the film.

First True Blood Minisode Now Available

As further proof of HBO's love for fans of its smash hit "True Blood", they're going to be giving us six minisodes written by show creator Alan Ball and featuring lead cast members, the first of which we have for you right here!

Jamie Kennedy NOT Back for Scream 4!

Yet another Internet rumor has been put to rest concerning the latest return to the knife, Scream 4. Despite a lot of speculation it turns out one of the series' most beloved characters will not be coming back after all.

Dread Central Presents Indie Filmmakers to Watch: Chris Power and Nathan Hynes Talk Long Pigs

For Canadian filmmakers Nathan Hynes and Chris Power, the journey to make their full-length feature debut, Long Pigs, was anything but typical.

Second Batch of Behind-the-Scenes Stills: Halloween: The Inside Story

Since our first mention of "Halloween: The Inside Story", which will be hitting A&E's Biography Channel this October, fans have been pretty excited to finally get a concise overview of the original film that started it all. To keep momentum going for Phil Nobile's feature length documentary, we have a second batch of stills that we are sure will garner your approval.

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer Talks Bringing The Thing Story Full Circle

One thing on the minds of horror fans everywhere concerning Universal's upcoming prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing is how this new film is going about setting up the back story. Finally, we have a bit of a clearer picture of the proceedings.

Alan Wake: Visit Bright Falls on Xbox Live

The long-awaited Alan Wake finally drops on May 18th for the Xbox 360, but if you want to visit the cursed horror writer's world a little early, there's a great new feature on Xbox Live that you can watch right now for free as long as you have a Gold account.

Universal Looking to Take a Maximum Ride

Looks like the big screen adaptation of the James Patterson young adult series Maximum Ride is in the market for a new home after Sony let it slide into turnaround. It's next stop? Universal!

Second Webclip for Supernatural Ep. 20: The Devil You Know

A second sneak peek at this week's Supernatural episode has hit online, and of course we've got it for you here. Just beware that if you're not caught up on this season, spoilers abound in the synopsis for "The Devil You Know".

Paramount Readying Ring 3D

"Before you die, you see The Ring" And now you're going to see it flying off of the screen and directly into your lap. Yep, another 3D sequel is on its way, kids, and you have seven days to spread the word before you croak!

Writer Matt Pitts is Prepping a Spring Break Zombie Cruise in 3D

Every now and then you just want to kick back and enjoy the good death ... we mean life. Hell, for horror fans the choices are one and the same. Break out the life jackets and shotguns, kids! There's some zombie killin' mayhem on the horizon!