Motion Picture Purgatory: Hausu (House)

Once again Trembles has reached back into the vault for this week's Motion Picture Purgatory, all the way back to 1977 for Nobuhiko Obayashi's haunted house flick Hausu (aka House).

Get Cornered in June

Phase 4 Films just announced when we'll be seeing the Steve Guttenberg (yes, that Steve Guttenberg) horror flick Cornered! today, and we have the goods for you fresh and hot.

Haven Writer on How the Show Differs from Its Source Material

Several comments along the lines of "Haven seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the Stephen King novel (The Colorado Kid) on which it's based" got us wondering about the upcoming Syfy series. Luckily, thanks to the magic of Twitter, the show's co-writer, Sam Ernst, has cleared things up a bit.

Lionsgate Goes Under the Mountain in August

The director of the splattery good gore-fest Black Sheep (review here), Jonathan King, has a new flick coming out from Lionsgate and Lightning Media called Under the Mountain, and though it's been given a PG-13 rating, we're still confident enough in King's filmmaking chops to insist that this one is worth a look!

Joe R. Lansdale Guest Blog: Receiving Inspiration from Popcorn

It's time for the final installment in our four-day guest blog from author Joe R. Lansdale, and today the topic is one that's near and dear to many drive-in movie fans' hearts: Popcorn!

Video Debut of Muse's Neutron Star Collision from Twilight Saga: Eclipse

As reported previously, Muse's "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" is to be the first single off the soundtrack from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and today the video, directed by Anthony Mandler, hit the Internet. Coincidentally, Mandler is attached to direct the vampire film Vlad for Summit.

Behind-the-Scenes Images: The Rite

The power of Christ must have compelled the paparazzi to be at the right place at the right time to get some stills from the shooting of The Rite up on the 'Net for us prying eyes to sample. Yeah, they're not much to look at but hey, it's a start right?

True Blood: Listen to the Season 2 Soundtrack Live Stream; Watch the Full Season 3 Trailer

As HBO keeps reminding us in advance of the June 13th premiere of Season 3 of "True Blood", waiting sucks! But nothing helps pass the time like listening to some awesome tunes, and now thanks to the wonders of Internet streaming, you can hear the second soundtrack volume in its entirety, five days before it hits digital and physical shelves.

Three New Twilight Saga: Eclipse Character Banners

And the promo train for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse keeps right on rolling along as Summit Entertainment releases three new character banners for the film.

New Tiny Teaser Art: Djinns

During AFM Hugues and Sandra Martin's new film about ancient creatures run amok was called The Stranded, but in France it's called Djinns and we've got a look at some really early sales art for you.

Robert Rodriguez to Wield Fire and Ice

Word just broke that one of our favorite creature-laden sword and sorcery animated epics from the Eighties, Ralph Bakshi's Fire and Ice, is getting the big screen live action treatment from none other than Robert Rodriguez. Excited? We are!

Jinga Films Sets Up UXB - The Maddening and Suicide Solution Ready to Explode

All sorts of news coming out of Cannes today, including the formation of a new horror label that's already got its first two features ready to rock! UK based Jinga Films announced its new genre label UXB (Unexploded Bomb) today and their debut horror flicks will be ...

Magnet Wears a Rubber for US Release

A couple of weeks ago we told you about what looks to be one of the strangest movies we've ever seen, Rubber. So strange in fact we knew that it wouldn't be long before someone picked this baby up for distro!

The CW Shakes Up Its Fall Schedule by Splitting Up The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

Our man Nomad just reported in from The CW Television Network's Upfront 2010, taking place today in NYC's Madison Square Garden, and along with a little bit of a schedule shift, he also provided us with some insight into the upcoming season for both "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural".

Retrospective: 1980's Slice of Sasquatchploitation - Night of the Demon

Every time a new Bigfoot hoax makes headlines, I do the Hammer Dance on my front porch then call everyone I know before it’s debunked. Yet each time I revisit Night of the Demon, my busting lust for sharing a world with Sasquatch withers like a raisin and dies crying.