More Details and Early Artwork: Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova

More details and some early artwork for Steven Spielberg's latest dino-centric Fox TV show, "Terra Nova", have come in, and things appear to be shaping up quite nicely. Not sure how much pure horror we're going to be getting from this one, but at the very least the show is gonna scratch that "We Need More Giant Monsters" itch!

Ghostbusters Live In New York? YES! Watch Now!

Who needs all of the "he said, she said" headaches circling Ghostbusters 3? It's as if everyone involved forgot how much fun the movie and the experience was! Well ... everyone but us fans and comedy troupe Improv Everywhere.

Dress Your PC and Mac with Classic Gamera Wallpapers! More DVD News!

One of the coolest damn things about Shout! Factory's latest DVD release of Gamera: The Giant Monster (review here) is Gamera's anatomy chart. Simply put -- it's chock-full of win, and now you can sport it on your home computers and elsewhere!

Manborg Teaser Promises Lo-Fi FX Metal and Monster Mayhem

Can't say I'm all that familiar with low budget Winnipeg special effects guy and short filmmaker Steven Kostanski. I think I'm going to have to correct that oversight after watching the teaser for his first full-length feature film Manborg. You want robots? Done. You want vampires? Done. You want demons? Done. You want hoverbikes? Done. You want gun battles and kung fu ass-kicking? Done and done.

The Lost Skeleton Returns in August on a Dark and Stormy Night

If you're a fan of Larry Blamire's The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, then August 17th is a date you might want to mark on your calendar. On that day Shout! Factory unspools a double dose of Larry Blamire low-budget comic homages to b-movies of bygone days as both the sci-fi sequel The Lost Skeleton Returns Again and Dark and Stormy Night, Blamire's ode to 1930's old dark house flicks, make their way to DVD.

Short Film Seance Serves Up Scares! Watch it Now!

I've always wanted to partake in a seance. It always looks like a creepy good time, which is precisely why Czech filmmaker Robin Kasparik is mining the material for what looks like a genuinely spooky horror film titled, you guessed it, "Seance".

Get Ready for Terror in the Aisles 4: Undead By Dawn This Friday in Chicago!

For our readers living in the Midwest, take note of this Friday's Terror in the Aisles horror festival. Not only is it your chance to dig on REC 2, but there's lots more in store for you - and, yes, we're giving away tickets. Oh yeah!

Extended HD Promo for ABC's The Gates

ABC has released a second, slightly longer promo for its upcoming supernatural crime drama "The Gates", which debuts on June 20th. Just by virtue of the fact that Rhona Mitra's in it, I'm willing to give it a shot; here's hoping it fares better than "Happy Town" did!

CatchMeKillMe Productions Produces Horror Short, The Hog

We're always rooting for indie filmmakers here at Dread Central, especially when something has lots of potential, which is exactly why the upcoming horror short "The Hog" has captured our attention.

Human Sacrifice! Dogs and Cats Living Together! Fulci Pimping Windows 7! Mass Hysteria!

I can’t believe it, but I have a nation filled with witnesses now. The new Windows commercial, broadcast during the most recent episode of the "Family Guy", featured a clip of Lucio Fulci's shark vs. zombie attack from his famous spatterific masterpiece Zombie.

Spirit Camp Stalks the Dances with Films Festival

At the risk of sounding like an old codger, they just don't make slasher movies like they used to. For whatever reason, most modern filmmakers don't seem to understand what made the slashers of the early 80s work so well, and the upcoming Spirit Camp appears to be no exception. Whenever I see words like "throwback" kicking around the plot description, I'm extra skeptical as it's typically another way of saying "we made a really forced and silly comedy". Will this one prove me wrong?

UK DVD and Blu-Ray Specs for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam

A group of strangers embark on the most testing – and maybe final - job interview of their lives in Exam, coming to Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on June 7th, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Nominated for Outstanding Debut at this year’s BAFTAs, Exam is the acclaimed first feature from writer/director Stuart Hazeldine.

The Ford Fiesta! Ideal for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?

Let's face it, man. The zombie apocalypse -- does it really seem that far off? Mark my words, it is going to start as a result of all this friggin' hand sanitizer usage. We are all for staying germ free, but dudes, we're killing off germs that we're supposed to build up a natural immunity to. All that we're doing is sketching out the blueprint for super germs to come and wipe us off the map via the living dead!

Meet Your Neighbor in New Trailer

Lionsgate's unrated director's cut of Robert A. Masciantonio's latest thriller, Neighbor, starring America Olivo will be hitting DVD on July 27th, and we've got the trailer for you to dig on in the interim.

Two Horror / Cult Classics En Route to DVD Courtesy of SRS Cinema

Looking for a dose of low-budget splatter to help get you through the mega-budgeted overkill of the summer blockbuster season? If so, SRS Cinema has you completely covered!