Never Sleep Again: Footage from the Massive Signing at Dark Delicacies

One of the most rewarding feelings in the world came for the makers of Never Sleep Again this past weekend when the entire crew gathered with many stars from the franchise to celebrate the mega-documentary's release. The faces of the fans who showed up totally excited and happy to get their claws into some real Freddy Krueger mayhem after their experiences with the remake made every single *ahem* sleepless night helping to put this thing together all the more worth it.

First Look at Teaser Trailer: I Spit on Your Grave Redux

At this past weekend's Texas Frightmare Weekend, the good folks from Anchor Bay Entertainment were in attendance with a hefty horror haul in tow including the first ever teaser trailer for the Steven R. Monroe remake of the exploitation classic I Spit on Your Grave. Curious as to what you may have missed?

How Did the New Freddy's Opening Day Box Office Compare to Jason's?

So, how did Platinum Dunes' revamped Freddy do on opening day at the box office compared to their 2009 version of Jason? It turns out he trounced the competition but couldn't quite top the numbers posted by PD's Friday the 13th redux.

Midnight Syndicate Releases Its Dark Legacy Music Video

Back in March we got a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot for Midnight Syndicate's "Dark Legacy", and now the dynamic duo of Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka have released the video in its entirety.

New Trailer Shows Off Julin Jean's Cherry Bomb

There are three things not lacking in film lately: remakes, ravenous monsters, and classic revenge epics that show their love for the days of grindhouse! Julin Jean, the Harley Quinn-esque industrial chick who dances her way through Sweatshop, stars in Cherry Bomb, which promises to continue the fine tradition of hot girls with big guns poised to blow some faces off.

Is a New Version of George A. Romero's Martin on Its Way?

We always knew it was only a matter of time before Hollywood, which has yet to meet a remake it doesn't like, turned its eyes toward George A. Romero's sole vampire tale, Martin, and apparent that time is now.

The Rite Cast Expands by Three

The cast for Mikael Hafstrom's adaptation of Matt Baglio's novel The Rite has increased threefold with the addition of Alice (Repo Men, Predators) Braga, Ciaran (The Eclipse) Hinds, and Toby (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) Jones.

Not Even the Elderly are Safe in The Home

It's been a while since the last time we updated you on The Home. Almost fifteen months to be exact. What can we tell ya? Sometimes the really good shit takes a while to get cooking!

Jonathan Frid Reprises Role of Barnabas Collins for Dark Shadows Audio Return

Hey, "Dark Shadows" fans! Do we have some news for you! Your favorite toothy vampire, Barnabas Collins, is back with the man who gave him his bite, Jonathan Frid, once again steering the old terror ship!

More Names Added to the Creation Weekend of Horrors Guest List!

The biggest horror show in LA just got a quite a bit bigger! More horror talent has signed on to join the already impressive list of genre celebs that will be lurking about the upcoming Creation Weekend of Horrors!

A Sneak Peek at Supernatural Ep. 21 - Two Minutes to Midnight

Ask Dread Central readers what their favorite horror-themed TV show has been this season, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't say Supernatural. As we wind down to the final two episodes of the Winchester brothers' battle to stop the Apocalypse, we present a sneak peek at Episode 21, "Two Minutes to Midnight", which airs this coming Thursday, May 6th.

Dead of Night - New Dylan Dog Concept Art

With the Italian premiere of Kevin Munroe's live-action Dylan Dog adaptation, Dead of Night, happening this coming Halloween, you can expect to see more and more promotional stuff emerging for the flick everywhere. Starting, well ... now.

Hybrid Goes 3D! Looking to Pick Up Distro

Pop quiz, hotshot - Your movie about a psycho car has been finished forever, but you cannot get it out of the proverbial garage. What do you do? What DO you do? You go the 3D conversion route, that's what. Yay.

The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes Has Found His Wife

Every good hero needs a heroine, and the role of Lori has just been filled for Frank Darabont's adaptation of the acclaimed Robert Kirkman comic book series The Walking Dead for AMC.

Official Trailer - Aja's Piranha 3D

No more of that old trailer that has been jumping on and off the Internet for months! The full official trailer for Alexandre Aja's remake of the Roger Corman classic Piranha in 3D is here -- mean and meaty!