International Predators Red Band Trailer Brings on the Gore

God forbid we're allowed to see gore in our trailers here in America. Someone may get scarred for life at the sight of fake blood and latex! The Predators international red band trailer has hit online today, and it puts ours to shame. YAY! Well, thank god for the interwebs!

A Clip from Remastered Sixties Classic Two on a Guillotine

1965's Two on a Guillotine was finally released on DVD for the first time this week by Warner Brothers, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, they've provided a clip and still for us to share with our readers.

Reminder! Vote for Your Favorite FrightFest Trailer NOW!

If you haven't done so already, you need to make your voice heard as there are eight indie filmmakers out there who are depending on you to allow them to give you the goods! It only takes a second, people. We need to spread the red as much as possible.

In Albuquerque? Then You Can Get Bit for the Fright Night Remake!

In New Mexico and looking for your fifteen minutes of fame? Then why not try your hand at becoming a potential victim in Craig Gillespie's very different take on the Tom Holland classic Fright Night? We got the scoop on how you can make this happen!

Plotdigger Films to Shoot The Murder Mack

Gutterballs and Star Vehicle actor Dan Ellis tipped Dread off last night to his involvement in his latest Plotdigger Films project, The Murder Mack, as well as providing a one-sheet teaser for the feature, which revolves around two convicts whose friendship-made-in prison leads to an "an orgy of murder, mayhem, and torture" upon their release from the big house (according to the film’s PR).

More Zombie Imagery: The Walking Dead

Good morning, dearest reader! Open up and say "AHHH" ... it's time for your daily dosage of details concerning AMC's "The Walking Dead"! On tap right now ... more zombie goodness!

More Plot Details: The Howling: Reborn

Ever since it was announced at this year's AFM, Joe Nimziki's The Howling: Reborn reboot has piqued the interest of franchise fans while leaving others scratching their heads. Honestly, we lost count of how many sequels there are to the original flick, but here's hoping this one finally lives up to the source material.

New Piranha 3D One-Sheet Has Bite

Finally we have our first look at the teaser poster art for Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of the Roger Corman cult classic Piranha. It's been a long time coming so read on and tell us what you think!

Trinity, a War Machine, and a Slumdog Eying Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Apes

Three more fairly big names have been linked to Rupert Wyatt's next entry into the Planet of the Apes franchise titled Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Apes, and hopefully they'll help the already announced participants erase the bad taste left in our mouths from Tim Burton's fiasco.

Epicenter TwentyTen to Bring Together KISS, Suicidal Tendencies, a Reunited Bush, and More

Summer officially started this week, and you know what that means: music festivals bringing together a wide variety of music types and bands. One of the most interesting sounding of the lot so far is Epicenter TwentyTen, which is taking place Saturday, September 25th, and Sunday, September 26th at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

First Look at No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell

There's just something about a killer doll flick that makes me smile. Yep, I even had a good time with Dolly Dearest back in the day. So when word came stalking into our offices of another demonic doll movie on the horizon, my interest piqued, and now I'm sharing it with all of you!

Scream 4 Gets Another Cast Member

Another interesting (and unconventional) piece of casting on the Scream 4 front came rolling in today. Read on for more details on what you can expect when the fourth entry in the slasher series stalks multiplexes next spring.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse UK Banners and Outdoor Artwork Competition

UK fans of The Twilight Saga have to wait a bit longer than their Stateside counterparts for the debut of David Slade's Eclipse (July 9th versus America's June 30th premiere), but to help them bide their time, we have a look at three new UK-specific ad banners for the film along with details on a pretty cool contest tie-in.

Exclusive Final Beyond Red Band Trailer Debut and Images: 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

The third time is the charm for Tim Sullivan and his maniacs as we've gotten our claws exclusively into what is now known as the "final beyond red band" trailer for you lovable loonies out there!

Scott Sigler Talks Ancestor and Hard Science Horror Writing

In the last few years, with the advent of mp3 players and smart phones, the portability of media has led to a new medium in the realm of fiction: podcast fiction. Authors who want to share their work have serialized and even full cast dramatized their stories and released them for free to the masses. They do it for various reasons, but many -- if not most -- hope to one day become published authors. And in that growing community horror author Scott Sigler stands out as the gold standard to which most others aspire.