Game On! Four Clips From Predators!

And the Predators coverage continues, this time with all four clips in one convenient place! Some you have seen, some you haven't. Either way, dig it!

In LA? Be a Part of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid - TODAY!

Has it been a life long dream to party with 80’s icons Tiffany and Debbie Gibson? Have you always wanted to feel the rush of battling a giant snake or roid-raged alligator? Are you in the LA area and don’t have plans today?

Two New Videos: Predators: Tour the Set and Meet Hanzo

Two more videos have made their way online to get you geared up for next week's cinematic hunt! A MAX set tour through Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios and a new character profile for a Yakuza badass named Hanzo.

Leaked International Trailer: Let Me In

We've all been holding our breath and hoping for the best when it comes to the Americanized remake of the foreign vampire sensation Let the Right One In, and now through the power of the interwebs the international trailer for Matt Reeves' Let Me In, which takes its title directly from the source material by author John Ajvide Lindqvist, is here.

See Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni's Smart Innocence Art Exhibit

The passionate paintbrush slashes of beloved giallo actress Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (Mother of Tears, Opera, Demons 2) will be on display in a series entitled Smart Innocence at Matilda, a "Tusc-Mex" restaurant in NYC, from July 15 to September 30. Coralina herself will be on hand (albeit a black-gloved hand) for the series’ opening reception on July 15.

Alien vs. Ninja and Mutant Girls Squad Premiere This Weekend and Come to Blu-ray / DVD in Early 2011

Today FUNimation Entertainment announced a partnership with Nikkatsu Corporation, Japan’s oldest film studio. The agreement means that they will get the first look and option on titles premiering on its new genre film label, The Sushi Typhoon.

Vampire Huntress: From Best Selling Book Series to Comic Series

The saga of Vampire Huntress Neteru aka Damali Richards came to an end in 2009 after a successful 12 book series by L.A. Banks, and now her adventures will continue on, this time in the form of a new comic series that hits shelves on July 28th.

What Do Snakes on a Plane and Predators Have In Common?

No, it’s not Samuel L. Jackson. It’s an awesome marketing ploy to go along with the movie! With Snakes on a Plane many of you may remember the option where you could have Samuel L. himself call your friends with a recording inviting them to see the movie. This one is a bit more interactive ... and a bit more destructive as well!

More Savage Sasquatchploitation News to Assault You

Bigfoot just won't stop killing. He is one angry hominid. The humongous hairy will be continuing his murderous rampage in two more Sasquatchploitation flicks on the way: Savage and Assault of the Sasquatch. We have an extended synopsis for one and DVD news for the other. Read this article now or else Bigfoot will stomp you next.

Breaking News: Twilight Prevents a Terrorist Attack on the Nation's Capitol!

Of all of the people that you would expect to be Twi-Hards who would have thunk that Islamic terrorists would be amongst Stephenie Meyer's biggest fans? The Onion News Network has broken the exclusive story detailing how Al-Qaeda's love for all things Twilight prevented them from launching an all-out terrorist attack on Washington, D.C.!

New Blood Cast for Scream 4 - Adam Brody, Marley Shelton, and Erik Knudsen Make the Cut!

Some more casting news has just come in for Wes Craven’s Scream 4 hot on the heels of the exit of Lake Bell and Lauren Graham. Looks like old Ghostface is going to have some completely new victims to sink his blade into.

Paranormal Activity 2 - What's in The Mirror? We Investigate!

Ever since the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer hit the Net, people have been speculating about everything that they've seen and heard or thought that they've seen or heard, so we decided to dig a little deeper and bring you the images you've been wondering about.

Early Details on the IT Remake

I often try hard to not be another cynical voice on the Internet, but it's news like this that finds me shaking my head in disbelief. Anyone who's read Stephen King's IT knows that it can't possibly work as a single feature-length film, right? We also know that it isn't stopping Warner Bros. from trying. And while the project is still in development, read on for what screenwriter Dave Kajganich had to say about it.

Pictures from Jaume Balagueró's Sleep Tight

Some stills from Jaume Balaguero's Sleep Tight (formerly Flatmate) have begun filtering across the web, and we've got a sneak peek that should satisfy your curiosity.

DLC Hatches for Aliens vs. Predator

Just in time for Predators comes some DLC for Sega's Aliens vs. Predator video game. Is it worth your while? Come on in and make up your own mind!