Exclusive: Almost Human Is Down With the Sickness for Quarantine 2

Screen Gems and Third Street Pictures announced today that Robert Hall, President of Almost Human Inc., has taken the reins for creating the infected in Quarantine 2, the follow-up to the 2008 hit Quarantine. This marks Hall’s return to the Quarantine franchise as he created the special makeup effects in the first film as well (you can check out his work on the special features of the Quarantine DVD and Blu-ray in the "Dressing the Infected" featurette).

Tribeca Horrors 2010 Wrap-Up: Tetsuo, The Bullet Man; Dream Home; The Killer Inside Me

It's been an insane year for horror already, and now that the summer convention season is approaching, news and event reports will continue heating up! Amid all the chaos, we did manage to take in an offering or two from the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. This year's lineup was fairly light on the creepy offerings, but we caught three films getting a fair amount of buzz. Here's the skinny…

Lionsgate Burning Bright For DVD in August

Fans looking for the latest nature run amok in someone's friggin' house flick only have to wait a couple of more short months to get their man-eating fix via a new film called Burning Bright!

Beastly Moved to a Later Date to Make Room for Zac Efron Flick

So, yeah. Over on the official Beastly Facebook page the powers that be posted a message to fans about why the flick has been bumped to a later date.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Joins Universal's Thing Prequel

Though most fans recall him from his role on the recently finished "Lost", Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will always be Adebisi from HBO's "Oz" to us. Though now he's looking to create more memories for genre fans as he is the latest name attached to Universal's prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing.

Sigourney Weaver Flashes Red Lights for Rodrigo Cortés

Even though Rodrigo Cortés' first film, Buried, isn't even out of the proverbial gate yet, that hasn't stopped Hollywood from banging on the director's door. Looks like his next project is right around the corner as he already has one of his leading ladies!

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Getting a Sequel

Fans of MTV's "My Super Psycho Sweet 16" have good reason to be happy today as word just broke that a sequel is on the way ... with a really good director remaining at the helm.

New Ghost T-Shirt Available from Threadless Tees

One of the most popular contests we've ever run here at Dread Central was our zombie t-shirt giveaway courtesy of Threadless Tees. In order to keep you guys apprised of the latest cool merch being offered by Threadless, we wanted to pass on a look at "Ghost", a new tee that just went live on the site.

Two More Mash-Ups Coming: Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, Elvis Presley and Frankenstein

While we dig the concept of mashing up classic fiction and/or historical events with zombies and vampires, the trend is starting to become a little like 3D - it's anywhere and everywhere with no end in sight! But we have to admit we're intrigued by the two latest such projects we've heard about: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Seance for a Vampire and Frankenstein Has Left the Building.

The Killer Inside Me Theatrical Trailer and One-Sheet Debut

In advance of The Killer Inside Me's June 18th theatrical release in New York (with a national expansion beginning June 25th), IFC Films has provided us with the official US trailer and one-sheet artwork.

CONTEST CLOSED! Three Weeks of The Wolfman Contest Part 2

In anticipation of the home video release of The Wolfman, Dread Central, in association with Universal, has put together a contest to keep you howling until the day it comes home -- June 1st!

More Stills From The Pack

The good news? Franck Richard's debut feature The Pack (La Meute) went over big at the Cannes Film Festival. The bad? Despite selling literally all over the world, nobody has picked it up for US distro. YAY. Well ... at least we've got some new images to tide us over. That's something, right?

Joe Lynch Talks Survival of the Dead and Left 4 Dead and More with George A. Romero

If there is one man who created an entire subgenre for horror fans, it is the legendary George A. Romero. Once his zombies started shambling onto the screen, all the rules of the living dead changed.

At Least They're Not Just Running Around in Their Underwear

Wasn't there a "South Park" episode not that long ago about Goth kids getting pissed off that their style was getting ripped off by a bunch of poseurs inspired by Twilight to dress and act like soulful vampires? Real-life Goth kids might want to seriously consider following their animated counterparts in burning down Hot Topic because I Was a Teenage Werewolf has officially become a lifestyle fad, and we have the news video to prove it.

New True Blood Minisode Now Available

The next to last "Drop of True Blood" has hit the Net via Minisode #5, which features Stephen Moyer as Vampire Bill. Now we know how Bill affords it all as we see him ne­go­ti­ate a sweet deal on a ring with a lust­ful jew­el­ry saleswom­an.