True Blood Minisode #2 Now Available

The second of six minisodes written by "True Blood" creator Alan Ball has hit online, and of course we have it here for you. This one features everyone's favorite newborn vamp, Jessica, portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll.

Predators - New Character Profile - Noland

The fifth and final character profile from Nimrod Antal's highly anticipated sequel Predators has been revealed. Who is producer Robert Rodriquez introducing us to this week? Noland, portrayed by Laurence Fishburn.

Platinum Studios' Meet the Haunteds Headed to the Big Screen

Here at Dread Central we're always on the lookout for cool sounding projects that also provide a bit of social commentary, and the upcoming Meet the Haunteds comic adaptation looks to fit the bill on both counts.

Ghosts Don't Exist - Except in Canada

Sometimes you just shouldn't be peeking into rooms behind doors that were never meant to be opened. Unless of course you're an investigator with a complete disregard for your life and the lives of those around you. In that case have at it!

Demon's Twilight - There Are No Sparkling Vampires Here

Ah, Italy! Where have your horror films gone? You used to be one of our chief exporters of all things insane, but lately all we get is a trickle of blood here, a slice of flesh there ... Hopefully, things are about to get back on track.

Trailer for JJ Abrams' Super 8 to be Attached to Iron Man 2. Possible Cloverfield Sequel?

Filmmaker JJ Abrams is a man who loves toying with his fans, and we love him right back for it. Just about every project he works on is shrouded in some type of secrecy, and when Iron Man 2 hits this weekend, we'll be getting our first look at what's next for the devilish director.

Twilight Spoof Makes An Ass of Itself with Fully Mooned

Quite frankly, we're pretty surprised that it has taken this long for more filmmakers to deliver us spoofs of the multi-billion dollar tweener sensation Twilight.

Two Sneak Peeks at The Vampire Diaries' Isobel

With only two episodes to go in Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, regular viewers of the show know things are heating up and coming to a head. This week we finally meet "Isobel", and if the two webclips The CW has posted online are any indication, we ain't seen nothing yet!

Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard Fashions Own Survival of the Dead Poster

Now this is pretty damned cool. Magnet Releasing commissioned Charlie Adlard, illustrator of Robert Kirkman's zombie comic epic The Walking Dead, to create his own unique version of the one-sheet for George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead and the results are -- of course -- badass.

First Official Still: See Rutger Hauer as the Hobo With a Shotgun

We just never get tired of reporting on a movie whose title reads Hobo With a Shotgun. How could we? It's just so damned promising! For those not playing along just yet, way back in 2007 Jason Eisener created a faux trailer called Hobo With a Shotgun for the Grindhouse trailer competition. It went over big, and as a result the filmmaker promised a feature would be on the way with none other than Rutger Hauer as the gun-toting street urchin. Ready for the first official still?

Rick Baker's Popeye Frights to the Finish!

There are a million questions we have about Popeye, the sailor. We know that his nemesis was named Bluto when he was fat and Brutus when he was muscle bound -- but were they the same person? Then there's the oddly misshapen Olive Oyle - Anorexic or inspiration for Stephen King's Zelda from Pet Sematary? And how about Popeye himself? He spent a lot of time fighting off sea hags, sea monsters, and goons successfully thanks to his trusty can of spinach, but what if some of those supernatural beings rubbed off on him?

More Details and Exclusive Stills: F

Just last week we told you about Johannes Roberts' upcoming UK thriller F. Details were pretty scant at the time of our original writing, but that hasn't stopped us from diggin' you all up some goodies!

Dread Central Presents Indie Filmmakers to Watch: Joshua Hull Talks Beverly Lane; Debuts Trailer

First-time filmmaker Joshua Hull doesn’t have a flashy Hollywood story about how he got into writing and directing films. In fact, his ten-year journey to getting his first feature made all began because of some pretty big life changes that would generally knock any normal person flat on his or her proverbial butt.

The Zombie Table! A Product You Can Really Get Behind!

How many times have you found yourself in this situation? You're just hanging out and watching TV when all of a sudden *BOOM* zombies come pouring in through your living room window. Happens to us all the friggin' time and now we are no longer getting caught with our pants down (depending on what we're watching on said TV of course).

True Blood Comic Issue #1 Cover Art

It took about a month since we got confirmation of the new True Blood comic series coming from HBO and IDW Publishing to see the cover art, but it was definitely worth the wait!