True Blood Season 3 Mythology: Vampires and Shape-Shifters

Still feeling a bit of withdrawal from no new "True Blood" episode this past weekend? HBO feels your pain and has provided two new videos for fans of the show: "Mythological Creatures: Shape-Shifters" and "Mythological Creatures: Vampires".

Scream 4: MORE Images and Video

So it's been a little over twenty-four hours since the last Scream 4 story, and you know what that means!!!!!! Yup, we've got some more set photos for you to savor - and some video, too! C'mon in ... you know you want to!

Sean Patrick Flanery on Saw 3D

More details about some of the hijinx that Jigsaw is up to in Lionsgate's latest entry into the Saw franchise have come to light, and we've got them all for you right here.

Scream Queens 2 Supertrailer Now Live!

We crazy Americans have to "supersize" everything these days, but in the case of the trailer for the upcoming reality competition known as "Scream Queens 2", which features director Tim Sullivan and Jaime King along with a bevy of horror-loving babes, we're certainly not complaining!

Watch this Vampires Suck Trailer While I Blow My Brains Out

A long time ago, when the Internet was a much newer tool and you didn't have to dig quite as hard to find some legitimately fucked up shit, I watched the infamous Budd Dwyer suicide video despite numerous cautions from friends. "You can't unsee that shit." The funny thing is that I haven't thought of that story for years ... until suffering through this particularly miserable trailer.

Exclusive Stills and Early Details on Madison County

Some of my favorite horror movies feature hot young people roaming into places they have no business going - like The Ruins, Friday the 13th, and Wrong Turn 2 to name just a few. Well, horror fiends, there's a new group of victims lining up in Madison County, an upcoming indie horror flick that is gearing up for production this September in Arkansas.

New Clip and Stills from Road Kill

If you like nasty surprises, you'll want to check out the new clip provided to us for Road Kill, one of the eight films entered into the Fangoria FrightFest competition. We've also got a couple of new stills for the Aussie thriller.

Bereavement World Premiere at Long Island International Film Expo

We've been keeping our eyes and ears open for news about when we might be able to see Stevan Mena's Bereavement, the prequel to his 2004 flick Malevolence, and today we learned that it will be having its world premiere on Friday, July 16th, at the Long Island International Film Expo.

New 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Clip - Granny's Grotesque Cookin'

With its July 15th LA premiere just a few short days away, the first clip from Tim Sullivan's 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams has hit the Net, and we've got a look at it for you here -- It's dinner time!

Let Me In Score to Be Composed by Michael Giacchino

Few items are more crucial to setting the right tone and mood in a film than the score, and based on today's news that Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino will be handling that duty for Matt Reeves' Let Me In, it looks like things are on the right track.

Universal Studios and Rob Zombie Teaming Up for Short Film Competition

Want to test your short film prowess? Think you have what it takes to have your project judged by a panel led by none other than Rob Zombie? Then read on for more details about Universal Studios Hollywood and Rob Zombie's new partnership to recognize the nation's top short-form filmmaking horror genre talent with the "Halloween Horror Nights - Rob Zombie Film Competition".

Updated Synopsis and Sales Art for Xavier Gens' The Divide

Over on the official distribution site for Xavier Gens' upcoming horror flick The Divide, formerly known as The Fallout, they've posted a tiny look at the film's early poster art and a much more detailed synopsis, both of which we have for you right here.

San Antonio Horrific Film Festival Wants Your Films!

Attention, filmmakers! The third annual San Antonio Horrific Film Fest is looking for your feature-length or short film for this year's contest. The winning entry will get national distribution for your film. Not enough? Okay, read on.

M. Night Shyamalan Now Nameless on Devil; New Release Date Confirmed

Some interesting developments regarding M. Night Shayamalan's forthcoming project The Night Chronicles: Devil. Universal has decided to tweak the title a bit to something less ... attributed to.

The Victim Lands a Killer Cast

In this crazy day and age we find ourselves sometimes envying the loners out there who keep to themselves. Of course said quiet existence is on the verge of being ruined at any second by pesky people. Especially people on the run from a psychopath.