First Artwork, Stills, and Trailer: JarRing

Another indie feature that's readying itself for its premiere is Ivo Raza's JarRing, and we've got the info and a myriad of other goodies from the flick for you!

Explosive New [REC] 2 Clip

One of our favorite scenes from Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's slice of cinema badassery known as [REC] 2 has found its way online as a clip, and if you were wondering just how nuts this movie is, this short sliver of mayhem will give you a pretty good indication of the lunacy to come.

Three New Clips: The Cry of the Owl

Jamie Thraves' The Cry of the Owl hits DVD next Tuesday, June 8th, and to celebrate the flick's home video release, we have three clips for you to sink your claws into.

Laetitia Casta Goes Behind the Walls

Period pieces when done right can offer a lot of bang for the viewer's buck in terms of setting the tone, but how about a period piece starring a French super-model turned actor in 3D? Bang for your buck or bang from the muzzle of the gun you had placed at your temple?

First Official Zombie Images: Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead

Thus far we have approved of the casting for Frank Darabont's small screen adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead, but the living aren't the only thing Darabont and company are getting right as today AMC provided excited hungry fans with their first look at the show's shamblers!

First Two Episodes of How to Survive the Strange Now Online

When it comes to reporting on web series, we really try to cherry pick because, let's face it, everybody has one. We've had our eyes on John Herman and Bryan White's "How to Survive the Strange" for a while now, and the first two episodes are finally here!

It Lives Again! Wins Silver Award at the Book of the Year Awards

It's always wonderful to see one of our own make good, or for that matter - great, and that's exactly the case here!

Meet Crazy Women at Summit's Golden Gate

Summit Entertainment knows a lot of about crazy women thanks to the success of the Twilight franchise, but now it seems that they're looking to set their sights on a flick featuring a good old fashioned murderous crazy chick instead of a weeping blathering cougar or a tweener who gets her kicks throwing sparkles at pale guys.

Final True Blood Minisode Debuts Online and a Look Back at Season Two

The final "Drop of True Blood" has hit the Net via Minisode #6, which features a tormented Jason Stackhouse dealing with the aftermath of another character's death at the end of Season Two.

UPDATED: Watch the True Blood Q&A with Alan Ball & the Cast & the Extended Trailer

The "True Blood" Ultimate Fan Experience, a 50-city, one-night-only event featuring a live simulcast Q&A with creator Alan Ball and a majority of the cast members happened last night, and we've got it available on video along with the extended Season Three trailer.

Death Kappa DVD and Blu-ray Details Emerge

There are not many movies opening in theaters this summer that I find myself anticipating. I feel the same way about the DVD market. On the other hand, as a lifelong fan of old school Japanese giant monster movies, the July 27th DVD release of Tomoo Haraguchi's Death Kappa can't come fast enough for me.

New Piranha Viral Video Features Jerry O'Connell Touting The Many Uses of Wild Wild Girls

About a month ago we brought you a not safe for work viral video starring Jerry O'Connell and a throng of topless women. Today Part Two of said video has reared its head, but sadly it's nowhere near as titillating.

DVD Details to Satisfy Your Thirst in June

On June 22nd First Look Studios will be bringing Thirst, the nightmarish story of what can happen when several folks become stranded in the hot, desolate California desert, to home video.

Melissa George Pays Her Respects at The Grave at Angel's Peak and Finds A Lonely Place to Die

Movie titles switch around faster than anything else in this industry. Take for example Melissa George's new film The Grave at Angel's Peak that we reported on last month. Here we are just a few weeks later, and the flick has gotten itself a brand new Facebook page and a new title - the equally as somber A Lonely Place to Die. Yep, they are certainly bringing the fun with this one!

Repo!'s Terrance Zdunich Debuts a Series of Online Art Tutorials

Are you an aspiring artist, hoping to learn the tricks of the trade from those who have made it? Or maybe you're an outsider, dying to learn the secrets of those who have been blessed with the gift of creation? No matter your position, fear not! Class is now in session! Terrance Zdunich, the mastermind behind Repo! The Genetic Opera, wants to teach YOU how to paint! From the Press Release: