Jaws in Japan Surfacing in America in October

The 2009 Japanese direct-to-DVD flick Jaws in Japan will be arriving on American DVD in October to bring us gaijin plenty of low budget bloody hijinks involving Japanese bikini girls, a killer shark, and a serial killer. Looks like these scantily clad gals won't be safe on land or in the water.

Round and Round We Go - More From Bill Murray on Ghostbusters 3

Get ready, kids. It's time for more bullshit, double talk, rumor mongering, and general assholery regarding the sequel that everyone wants but nobody can give a straight answer about -- Ghostbusters 3. Strap in for more non-news!

Saw V Director David Hackl Takes on The Red Machine

Now that the debris from the great Saw sequel debacle has finally settled, we've been wondering what project Saw V director David Hackl would be tackling next. Finally some news has come.

Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks The Walking Dead

Another interview has come in for Frank Darabont's take on the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead, this time with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, who describes "The Walking Dead" TV show's blockbuster potential, its commonalities with Piranha, and what makes zombies only the second-most dangerous characters in the series. In addition, we have some updated info on "The Walking Dead" at San Diego Comic-Con.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Hatchet II Panel Expands; New Still

The Hatchet II panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, entitled Old School American Horror, has just expanded by two. Parry Shen and AJ Bowen will be joining the previously announced Adam Green, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, and R.A. Mihailoff.

Fangoria FrightFest Winner Announced: Dark House!

The votes are in, and we couldn't be happier to report that Darin Scott's Dark House is the winner of the Fangoria FrightFest film competition and will receive a theatrical release!

Robert Kirkman Announces Skybound, a New Division of Image Comics

Robert Kirkman announced today that he is launching and will helm Skybound, a new division of Image Comics that will give a new generation of comic book artists and creators the opportunity to publish their works as Skybound Originals.

Lionsgate Drops a Massive Load of Horror Blu-rays in October - Blair Witch and More!

October 5th may just go down as one of the priciest days in history for high definition horror fans as Lionsgate is opening up its massive vault and letting the blood flow freely!

New Machete Image Shows Off Lindsay Lohan and Her Long Hard Friend

We don't know why, but we're really loving us some Lohan lately. Maybe it was the look of disbelief at her sentencing, or maybe it's residual love left over from the freak fest I Know Who Killed Me, but she's way on our radar! A new still of her handling some hardware in the flick Machete has surfaced, and we're happy to bring you every inch of it!

A Giant-Sized Monsterpocalypse Update for You to Chew On

It's been a while since last we spoke about Hollywood's bid to turn the board game Monsterpocalypse into a big budget movie with Tim Burton at the helm, but finally some news has flooded in.

New Video for The Walking Dead Shows off TONS of Zombies

I don't know of a single horror fan who is not excited for AMC's six-episode airing of Frank Darabont's take on the Robert Kirkman zombie comic The Walking Dead. As if you needed even more of a reason to get hyped, a new video has surfaced full of interviews and shamblers!

Fantasia 2010: Days 10 and 11

Remember in my last entry when I asked where the good horror movies were this year? Well, I think they ground them all up and crammed the resulting mess of a thousand repellent movies into just one: A Serbian Film (review here).

Fragment Promises Jurassic Terrors! Reality TV Gone Awry!

In a TV landscape populated with reality shows that move quickly between the sublime and the stupid, have you ever wondered what would happen if things actually got a little out of control? We mean really out of control, not what the producers push out to make us think things are nuts! Then the new project Fragment is right up your chaos loving alley!

Exclusive Images: First Look at Universal's Killer Klown Gang - Halloween Horror Nights 2010

Where has this year gone? Comic-Con is right around the corner, and now some cool stuffage has been floated our way to share with you concerning the biggest Halloween haunt in the world! Is October really that close? You bet your ass!

True Blood "Trouble" Post Mortem & Inside the Episode; Promo for "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"

Last night's "True Blood" Episode 29, entitled "Trouble", had me laughing out loud several times from its sheer audacity (here's hoping Franklin sticks around for a few more episodes at least - he's so beautifully deranged). If you enjoyed it as much as we did, come on inside for HBO's Post Mortem and Inside the Episode along with a peek at next week's installment, "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues".