Black The Fall (Video Game)

Developed by Sand Sailor Studios Published by Square Enix Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Rated T for Teen Remember when platformers were about comical plumbers or dudes with detached hands leaping about through colorful environments and casually stomping… Continue Reading

Fantasia 2017: Author Grady Hendrix’s Paperbacks from Hell One-Man Show Was a Delight

You may already be familiar with Grady Hendrix if you’ve come across his novel Horrorstör about a haunted superstore that closely resembles an IKEA or his last tale set in the Satanic Panic days of the late Eighties, My Best… Continue Reading

Freddy vs. Nostradamus Cartoon Parody Reveals Who Really Hacked the Election

A few days ago we shared neatOco’s punch-drooling Alien Xenomorph Fountain inspired by the Alien movie franchise, and now those lovable loons are back with something a little different… cartoon web series Freddy vs. Nostradamus. Freddy vs. Nostradamus was written… Continue Reading

Great Whites and Rednecks: Your Complete Guide to the Preposterous New Syfy Flicks of Sharknado Week 2017

So many Discovery Channel viewers were hyped for what ended up being just Michael Phelps racing against a computer-generated shark. Silly “Shark Week” thinking it’s Syfy; underwhelming viewers as people on-screen interact with digital sharks is what “Sharknado Week” is… Continue Reading