Writer Named for The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins

It's been a long, hard road for everyone's favorite misshapen superhero from New Jersey to get his fifth film released, but as of today we are one step closer to getting our mitts on The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins!

Release Date Shuffle: Black Swan, The Darkest Hour, and Dream House

Get out your calendars, kids! Three high profile horror flicks have switched dates, and it's time to keep you abreast of the changes. That's a great word, abreast. It sounds naughty but it's not. Sort of like Black Swan. Speaking of which ... Below you'll find new dates and descriptions for the following: Black Swan -- New Date: December 1st, 2010

Two New Trailers for The Dead!

Know what we want? To see the new undead opus from co-directors Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford titled simply The Dead right now. That's what we want! Two new trailers have hit the Internet that more than have our Fulci bones (they exist in the leg, ya know) tingling! Have a look!

Season Premiere Preview Trailers for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

Looking for something to help ease you into the weekend? How about preview trailers for the season openers of both "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural" on The CW?

See Tonight's Repo! Shadowcast Screening in LA with Some Very Special Guests

If you've never seen Repo! The Genetic Opera screened with a shadowcast, then you've been missing out. But if you're in or around the LA area, tonight you have a chance to not only see it with one of the best shadowcasts around, "Addicted to the Knife", but also watch it with Paul Sorvino (who's never attended a shadowcast performance before) and several other members of the film's cast and crew.

Rumor Control: Danielle Harris NOT in The Gathering

Ah, the Internet. It's home to lots of goodness, but it can also be a source of rumors with no merit. Case in point - a previous story we ran (sourced from Variety of all places) that mentioned Danielle Harris as being signed to appear in a new horror anthology to be directed by Jon Keeyes entitled The Gathering.

Rock and Shock 2010 Guest List Taking Shape

It's become an October tradition for many members of the Dread Central crew to descend on the town of Worcester, Massachusetts for Rock and Shock, the combination horror convention/music blowout that just gets bigger and better each year. Now that the first guests for the 2010 edition have been announced, it's looking like this year is no exception.

Clive Barker Reveals the Release Date for Abarat III: Absolute Midnight

Fans of Clive Barker's Books of Abarat have had a long wait since the 2004 publication of Book #2 in the series, Days of Magic, Nights of War, but the author/artist has revealed when we might see Book #3, Absolute Midnight. Unfortunately it's still at least a year or so away.

Prepare Yourself to Face the Creatures of Lore

Yet another graphic novel is being adapted for the big screen, this one teeming with familiar monsters from a time gone by. Hey it could be worse. We could be getting an adaptation of Archie instead! Talk about horror!

The UK Quad Poster for Piranha 3D Bares Some Flesh

The more we see of Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D, the more we want to see it! The marketing for this flick has really kicked ass both here and, as you're about to see, overseas as well!

Posters from Halo-8's Godkiller Spinoff Series Adventures in Outer City & Exclusive Clip from Walk Among Us

During Halo-8 Entertainment's Saturday night panel "Illustrated Films & Comics" at the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, writer/director Matt Pizzolo made the announcement that breakout hit comic book and illustrated film Godkiller is making the leap to franchise status with the production of a spin-off series, Godkiller: Adventures in Outer City.

Dane Cook and Josh Hutcherson are Heading to Detention

When I think funny, one of the names that end up last on my list is Dane Cook. I don't know what it is about the guy, but his antics just do nothing for me. So here's hoping he'll do better in the horror comedy arena.

The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Freddy Does Memphis Wrestling?

This week's video pulls off the rare double whammy of WTF-ness. As if a music video showcasing the pro wrestling career of a guy who wrestled back in the early Nineties dressed like Freddy Krueger wasn't strange enough, the absurd song accompanying the video of Freddy going buck wild in a wrestling ring is a novelty song called "Do The Freddy" featuring cackling by Robert Englund himself.

Never Mind the Twilight Fans and Their Teams! The Time has Come for Horror Fans to Pick a Meatier Side!

For every rabid Twilight fan there are a million more of us who couldn't care less. Where's our awesome merch featuring Team of our own choosing that are not hunky men children but that actually mean something in horror?! Well, let me tell you, they exist, and I want you to know about a couple.

Judy Escapes in New All About Evil Clip

I feel as if we've been talking about All About Evil forever now, and that's cool by us as long as the movie delivers. We've seen countless posters and even a trailer so now how about some clipage?