Get Impaled by These Latest Horns Images

On tap right now are several new images from Alexandre Aja's Horns (review) that are honestly the coolest we've seen thus far. Check them out, and look for more as we get closer to the film's release.

New Exists Poster Offers a First Look at the Creature

Lionsgate gave Entertainment Weekly the first look at the poster for Ed Sanchez's (The Blair Witch Project) new Bigfoot film, Exists, which will be arriving on various VOD platforms and in limited theaters on October 24th. Dig it!

Watch the First Five Minutes of Giallo-esque Sonno Profondo

Luciano Onetti's Giallo homage Sonno Profondo is arriving on Limited Edition DVD August 26th (with a September 23rd VHS release to follow), and we have the first five minutes of the film for you to check out right here!

Prep for True Blood's Series Finale with a Sneak Peek of Episode 7.10 - Thank You

All in all this final season of "True Blood" has been a cut above the last couple but still nowhere near the glory days of its early years. We're hoping it goes out on a high note, and here's a sneak peek of what's ahead in Episode 7.10, "Thank You."

Exclusive Poster Variant for Promiscuities; See the Film NOW!

Fan of David Cronenberg's Videodrome? Then you just may want to check out the new indie flick Promiscuities from commercials director Jonathan Leder. Even cooler? Dread Central readers get a special VOD discount!

Film4 FrightFest 2014: Digging Up the Marrow Gets Exclusive Poster for Attendees

Playing as part of this years Film4 FrightFest is Adam Green's latest directorial feature film, Digging Up the Marrow, and if you're gonna be there, you'll have a chance to score yourself an exclusive poster for the flick!

See a Preview of Teen Wolf's Special Sunday Night Episode 4.10 - Monstrous

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 has just three episodes remaining, and we can't wait to see how things end up. But first we have a special Sunday night episode ahead, #4.10, entitled "Monstrous," which is airing before MTV's 2014 VMA's.

It's Storytime With The Babadook!

I'm not sure if we like The Babadook (review) because it's a kick-ass horror flick or we just like saying the words, The Babadook. Either way, here's a new clip!

For Services Rendered Here are Some Stills and a Preview of The Strain Episode 1.07

Now that we've gotten confirmation "The Strain" has been renewed for a second season, it's time to look ahead to Sunday night's Episode 1.07, entitled "For Services Rendered," via some stills and a preview.

Navajo Vampire Novels Bring a Second Sunrise to the Big Screen

If there's any silver lining to the Twilight phenomenon, it's that it paved the way for better vampire stories to sink their teeth into screens both big and small, and yet another one is soon headed our way. Read on, fangbangers!

A Monster Calls Toby Kebbell

On tap for you today is the latest bit of casting news for Juan Antonio Bayona's next film, A Monster Calls, which is already loaded up with star power. Read on to find out to whom the titular monster has just placed a call!

First Look at Jeffrey Reddick's Good Samaritan

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick's new short film, which he both wrote and directed, Good Samaritan, will be playing as part of this year's Screamfest L.A. film festival; and right now we have a couple of new stills for you! Dig 'em!

New As Above, So Below TV Spot Houses the Remains of 6 Million Corpses

The found footage flick As Above, So Below, directed by John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine, Devil), will be in theatres on August 29th; and right now we have an extended TV spot for you which spelunks down into your deepest fears!

AMC Teases What's Coming Next in The Walking Dead Season 5

Ready for another tease of what's ahead in "The Walking Dead" Season 5? Then check out this super quick new preview video AMC just released, and look for lots more soon!

Ouija Conjures an Extended TV Spot

Sitting by your TV waiting on the new Ouija extended TV spot? Then you are a weirdo and that's why we love you. In fact, we dig you so much we have the video you've been waiting on right here. Look for the film in theatres on October 24th.