First Official Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Image Gallery Gears Up for Battle

It's Hump Day, and if this Dawn of the Planet of the Apes image gallery doesn't make your geek boner throb, then you may wanna consult a physician. Give. Us. This. Now. Please. Thanks.

Eat Up this New Promo for WGN America's Salem

Want to see more of WGN America's "Salem" before you commit to tuning in when it debuts on the 20th? Then check out this new promo that warns, "Careful, Heathens: Salem will devour your very soul."

San Diego State University Offers Zombie 101 Class!

We have all seen enough movies and TV shows to know that the dead are pesky little buggers and we should always be as prepared as possible. That being said, San Diego State University has taken its first steps to ensure this!

Almost Mercy Lands Distro in Huge 10-Picture Deal for Woodhaven Production; New Cast and Artwork Updates

We announced recently that Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder would be featured in the upcoming Almost Mercy. We've received a bunch of new casting info (including the signing of a Dr. Gash favorite!) and a mega distribution deal.

Exclusive Gila! Clip Stomps In

Time to add some giant beastie action to your Hump Day! On tap right now is an exclusive clip from the remake of the '50s film The Giant Gila Monster, known simply as Gila! Check it out.

Oculus - Special Screening Report and Photos

The stars of the upcoming new and original horror movie Oculus (review) gathered on the red carpet at the Chinese 6 Theater at the famous “Hollywood & Highland” corner to celebrate its premiere – and Dread Central was there!

Slender Man Casts a Long Shadow in New The Eidolon State One-Sheet

The Freeze Frame Films team just put out another poster and video teaser for the short film The Eidolon State, which focuses on the haunting sensation that is Slender Man. Check 'em out, and look for more on this one soon!

Cemetery Dance Bringing Classic Stephen King Tales Back in Style

Listen up, King fans! This is very cool! Cemetery Dance Publications signed an exclusive deal to produce a six-volume set of special collectible editions of Stephen King's early books that were originally published by Doubleday back in the 1970s and early 1980s! Read on for details!

Dread Central Live Event - The Devil's Due Los Angeles Screening April 21st!

We told you that Dread Central Live would be returning on April 21st with a very special event, and now we can finally share the details with you! If you're in or near Los Angeles, we have your opportunity to see the devil delivered!

Exclusive Interview With Proxy Director Zack Parker

In his latest movie Proxy (review), indie filmmaker Zack Parker takes on some pretty brutal subject matter – the murder of a late-term fetus, lesbian obsession, secrets, lies, and stalkers. And that’s just for starters! Read on to see what Parker has to say about all this and more.

Human Centipede Star Hires a Call Girl

A new short film has hit our radar that we think you cats should keep a close eye out for! On tap right now is your first look at Call Girl, a short film from Jill Sixx Gevargizian, starring Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede II, The Human Centipede III) and Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor).

A New Killer Arrives on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is known for many things: the famed bunny, decorating eggs, egg hunts and rollings, huge baskets of candy... oh, and something about Jesus Christ and such. Well, it's about to be known for something else - something a bit more menacing!

21 Chilling Two-Sentence Horror Stories to Creep You Out

In this fast-paced world we live in, we rarely have time to enjoy a good scary tale like back in the old days before iPads and Kindles. So, when a Reddit user recently asked, "What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?," the response was tremendous, and these short stories really fit into our Twitter-sized attention span!

Badass Poster Alert: The Drownsman Art KILLS It!

I've said it time and time again... a good one-sheet is enough to get me to watch a movie. Screw floating heads with pensive expressions. Hollywood, take note... See this poster for The Drownsman? THIS is how you do it!

Things Heat Up in this New Extended Preview of The Originals Episode 1.18 - The Big Uneasy

Since we still have another week to wait until "The Originals" returns to The CW with Episode 1.18, "The Big Uneasy," the network has released a new promo for the ep that reveals quite a bit of footage we haven't seen yet.