First Horns One-Sheet Asks Questions

We told you back in April that Alexandre Aja's Horns (review) is getting an October 31st release in the UK, and now we have the first one-sheet to go along with the good news. Check it out courtesy of Empire.

New Poster Found at Predestination

Another flick playing at this year's Fantasia Film Festival is Michael and Peter Spierig's (Undead, Daybreakers) latest film, Predestination. Check out some new eye candy and more right here!

Venture Under the Dome to Meet the Town Barber and See the Creation of Chester's Mill

We're just a few hours away from the premiere of "Under the Dome" Episode 2.03, "Force Majeure," and to help you fill the time, CBS has released a pair of new videos: "Meet the Town Barber" and "Creating Chester's Mill."

International One-Sheet Premiere - Among the Living

Playing as part of this year's Fantasia Film Festival is the new film from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Livid, Inside), entitled Among the Living, or Aux Yeux Des Vivants for you purists out there; and right now we have the French poster and a pair of fresh stills.

The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears FINALLY Gets a U.S. Release and Trailer

It feels like we've been talking about Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's (Amer) new film, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears, forever now. Thankfully U.S. audiences will finally get to see it for themselves as Strand Releasing announced today an August 29th release date!

Daryl Dixon Has More to Worry About than The Walking Dead

Entertainment Weekly scored an early look at AMC's "The Walking Dead" in the form of Norman Reedus' character, Daryl Dixon, in a whole lot of trouble! Look for more goodies as the show makes its way to the San Diego Comic-Con.

Horror Artist Spotlight: Melissa Patterson Gives Birth to Nightmares - MUST SEE!

Few times in my life have I ever come across something that genuinely startled me. The work of horror artist Melissa Patterson has done just that. Read on for a look at her creations that are so frighteningly real they have to be seen to be believed.

Covers Unveiled for the Final Chapters of The Frenzy Cycle and The Jake Helman Files Book Series

Gregory Lamberson has unveiled the covers for his next two novels from Medallion Press, The Frenzy Wolves and Human Monsters. Both are the final chapters of their respective franchises, The Frenzy Cycle and The Jake Helman Files.

Play Hooky Coming to DVD this Fall from Wild Eye Releasing's New PollyGrind Presents Label

Wild Eye Releasing, a sponsor of the PollyGrind Film Festival since 2011, has launched a new distribution label, PollyGrind Presents, in conjunction with Chad Clinton Freeman's international showcase of films. The first title, Play Hooky, will be released later this year.

Joseph O'Brien Talks Walking the Devil's Mile

Forget Route 666. The Devil’s Mile is an even more evil stretch of road in this new horror thriller starring David Hayter and directed by Joseph O’Brien, with whom we recently had a chance to chat about the film.

Meet Jack Icefloe Jackson in Dean Lorey's Romance for Men: Pandora's Box

Remember the name Jack Icefloe Jackson. He's listed as the author of the new book Romance for Men: Pandora's Box, and he's one helluva character. Icefloe is a sex machine from the backwoods of Alaska and as unique as they come. One quick peek into Romance for Men will prove it!

The UK's Grimm Up North Closes Out John Carpenter Season with The Thing on 17 July

This summer in the UK has been "John Carpenter Season" thanks to Manchester's Grimm Up North, and it's coming to a terrifying close this week with a special screening of The Thing at The Dancehouse that includes an exclusive video intro from the horror master himself.

Constantine Recasts its Female Lead; Angelica Celaya Set to Play Zed

With filming of NBC's "Constantine" beginning on Tuesday, July 15th, it was important for the powers-that-be to find a new leading lady (it was announced a few days ago that former lead Lucy Griffiths had left the show). Well, it's now mission accomplished!

#SDCC14: Day 4 (July 27) Lures the Horror Crowd with Supernatural, The Strain, and The Following

Sundays at San Diego Comic-Con are known for family-friendly fare, but this year there's plenty to keep horror fans sticking around like "Supernatural," "The Strain," and "The Following" (all presenting their wares in the hallowed Hall H).

Raiden Is Revealed as the Next Mortal Kombat X Character

During the grand finals of the Injustice competition at the Evo tournament, NetherRealm revealed the next fighter on the Mortal Kombat X roster: the thunder god Raiden.