Official Hannibal Season 2 Specs Takes a Bite Out of Home Video

Here at Dread Central we love "Hannibal." Honestly, I still think we don't deserve a show as good as it is! If you haven't watched it, please rectify that situation IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. With Season 2 about to come home, you have no excuse. Speaking of which...

Sleepy Hollow Adds Aunjanue Ellis as Abbie and Jenny's Mom

Sure, the character may be assumed to be dead, but in the world of "Sleepy Hollow" there are no sure things, as evidenced by this recent casting news for the character of Abbie and Jenny's mother, Lori Mills.

World's Smallest Woman Jyoti Amge Joins American Horror Story: Freak Show

Taking a page from Tod Browning's cult classic Freaks, "American Horror Story: Freak Show" has hired the shortest woman in the world, Jyoti Amge, to appear as a character in the upcoming series.

Explosive First Trailer for Volcano Zombies

Danny Trejo movie number 112,998,296 is officially on its way! Break out the survival gear, Dreadies, because you're about to witness first-hand the glory of Volcano Zombies. Well, at least the trailer for it. Read on!

Nekromantik Comes to Blu-ray! Screw The Dead in High Definition!

Get off on the idea of watching hot chicks bumpin' uglies with rotting corpses? Yeah, even the most disturbed amongst us deserve a little high-definition loving as the cult classick Nekromantik is gearing up for its high-definition bow.

Exclusive Clip from WWE Studios' Leprechaun: Origins

On tap right now is an exclusive clip from the WWE's Leprechaun: Origins, starring WWE Supertstar Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl. Is that a shillelagh in your pocket, or are you just glad to see it?

Mick Garris Launches MickGarrisInterviews.com on August 18th

Horror filmmaker Mick Garris is about to launch an all-new way for you to check out lots of his past works. Including things like his interviews for Z Channel way back in the day and the "Post Mortem" series on FearNet, MickGarrisInterviews.com will have plenty of great content.

Dick Johnson & Tommygun vs. the Cannibal Cop Wraps; See the First Stills

Dick Johnson & Tommygun vs. the Cannibal Cop has wrapped principal photography in Buffalo, NY, and we have the first set of stills right here. Get a look at this upcoming horror comedy, or face the wrath of Dick. Trust us... Dick wrath sucks.

Mondo Releasing Stellar Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness Artwork

It's the special time of the year again when Mondo puts out exclusive artwork that has us all drooling. Of course most of us have come to terms with the fact that we will never be lucky enough to ever own one of these, as they sell out in seconds, but damn it, we try!

Confirmed! Go Through Puberty With Leatherface!

We told you a few weeks ago that the next entry in the Texas Chainsaw franchise is going to be exploring the iconic slasher's teenage years, and now the official confirmation has come! Zits and oily skin will be the least of your worries!

Enjoy a Clip from True Blood Ep. 7.09 - Love Is to Die; Official Synopsis for Series Finale Ep. 7.10 - Thank You

Well, fangbangers, this is it... the last two episodes of "True Blood" are upon us, and along with a sneak peek of Episode 7.09, "Love Is to Die," we have the official synopsis for the finale, Episode 7.10, "Thank You."

Finger Puppet Theatrics Shed Some Varsity Blood

Varsity Blood is heading our way on DVD in less than a week, and in honor of the occasion RLJ/Image Entertainment has provided us with a little video for you to sink your teeth into. Check out some Finger Puppet Theater!

Gravitas Devoured at Home

Though it's been available in the UK for a while now, Gravitas Ventures will be releasing director Greg Olliver's Devoured on VOD on September 2, 2014. Read on for details of the film, which was written by Marc Landau.

Horror History: New Developments Concerning Shaun of the Dead

Calm down, guys. This isn't a story about a remake or anything even remotely like that. In fact... this is something pretty damned cool. On tap right now is a sliver of movie history... AND... the coolest damned thing that you're likely to see all day!

Gamescom: Bethesda Announces Season Pass for The Evil Within

The biggest horror release of the year got even more frightening today, as Bethesda Softworks announced the season pass for The Evil Within, which includes three add-ons that are planned for the game.