#SDCC14: HBO's The Leftovers Brings the Creepy to Comic-Con

HBO's depressing new drama series "The Leftovers" isn't exactly something we cover here on Dread Central, but once we saw this incredibly creepy display from the show's outdoor setup at Comic-Con, we HAD to grab a few images for you. It's enough to make a small child cry!

#SDCC14: Things Aren't Just Hot in Cleveland... They're Undead!

"Hot in Cleveland" isn't a show we usually mention on Dread Central, but with an animated episode heading our way next week that includes Joy, Melanie, Victoria, and Elka seeing what life in Cleveland would be like if a zombie apocalypse were to hit the city, well, how could we resist?

#SDCC14: We Rev Up for the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Automotive Experience!

If you're attending Comic-Con, we have a simple equation for you... Hot Chicks + Hot Cars = The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Experience, which you can find just across the street from the Convention Center. On display are a ton of the film's vehicles, and we got greasy with the goods for ya!

#SDCC14: Halloween Box Set Promo - An Army of Shapes Marches on Comic-Con

In honor of Scream Factory/Anchor Bay's Halloween: The Complete Collection Blu-ray set, the powers-that-be unleashed The Shape on Comic-Con in a big-ass way, and we were right there to catch the fun! Check it out!

More American Horror Story Casting News: A Fresh Face Is Heading to the Freak Show

"American Horror Story" is known for recycling a regular group of actors each season, but for the upcoming Chapter 4, "Freak Show," a new face is entering the mix in the form of Finn Wittrock ("Masters of Sex," "All My Children").

#SDCC14: More Characters Under The Dome Are Doomed To Die; Will Someone Get Out?

Though I gave up on "Under the Dome" last season once it became clear that it was determined to outdo itself time and time again in terms of continuously terrible writing, CBS is still trying to make something out of this nonsensical production. The new solution? Thin the herd!

Is The Scream Franchise Plagued By Bad Blood Between Its Two Driving Creative Forces?

It's a shame to discover the amount of bad blood that exists between the Scream franchise's creative minds. To hear Kevin Williamson tell it, it doesn't sound like he'll be back to the series anytime soon.

Bill Moseley Joins the Cast of Dave Zagorski's Sisters

MAD Z Productions' upcoming Sisters has added a horror legend to its cast. The great Bill Moseley is joining four of indie horror's most recognizable up-and-coming screen queens for the project. Read on for more details.

Zombie Jesus Comic Prince of Pieces Being Resurrected in October by Creator's Edge Press

With San Diego Comic-Con officially kicking off today, we're happy to bring you a comics success story for Sam Miserendino's satirical graphic novel Prince of Pieces, which has been picked up for distribution by Creator's Edge Press.

Bates Motel at #SDCC14: Take a Tour of Norman's Taxidermy Workshop; Season 3 Teaser Art

When A&E announced they were recreating Norman Bates' basement on the SDCC show floor, we thought it sounded pretty cool; and now that we've toured it, we can assure you that it is! Check out our image gallery along with Season 3's teaser art.

#SDCC14: See All the Sights from the Showroom Floor and Beyond!

Along with juggling the panels, press rooms, and parties of SDCC 2014, we here at Dread Central will do our best to bring you all the sights there are to see in San Diego. Keep your eyes here for our ever-expanding gallery of the sublime, the silly, and everything in between!

#SDCC14: A Look Around the Always Bloody Walking Dead Booth

If there's one thing that the San Diego Comic-Con always delivers, it's displays for AMC's "The Walking Dead" that are simply to die for. This year is no different, and we joined with the walkers who were present to bring you a look at the horrors on the show floor! Look for more images soon!

#SDCC14: The Soska Sisters to Tackle Painkiller Jane

Here at Dread Central we love us some Soska Sisters. Good thing for us they love us right back! Some breaking news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con pertaining to their next project has arrived! Read on for details.

#SDCC14: First Look at Legendary's Warcraft Adaptation!

On tap right now we have the first title treatment and look at the props on display for director Duncan Jones' adaptation of Warcraft for Legendary Pictures! One glance is guaranteed to give you a +20 fangasm! Dig em!

#SDCC14 Exclusive: Guillermo del Toro Gives Us a Look at Crimson Peak; Enter the Jaeger Combat Simulator

One of the coolest things we've done at this year's Comic-Con was head over to Legendary's booth to check out their two must-see displays: an Oculus Rift-driven Pacific Rim Jaeger pilot sim and a mini Crimson Peak set that came with a guided tour by Guillermo del Toro himself!