Rob Zombie Launches FanBacked Site for 31; More Details and New Concept Art!

A rather interesting email landed in our inbox this morning as it seems Rob Zombie is turning to his fans to help finance his next project, 31. He's launched the site RZ-31.com, which connects to a FanBacked page for the film and provides a synopsis, new artwork, and more!

First Details and Sales Art for James Leong's Camera

We don't have a lot of info on this one, but following its premiere earlier this month at South Korea's Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, some sales art and early details have landed in our inbox for Camera.

Who's Ready to Join the Evil Breakfast Dead Club?

A new horror comedy is on its way that's taking its cues from two Eighties classics, Evil Dead and The Breakfast Club. What's it called, you ask? The Evil Breakfast Dead Club. See what they did there?

Fans Vote for Inside Wrap/Cover of The Evil Within

A face locked in a torrid scream, eyes piercing with fright. The whole thing wrapped in barbed wire. Everyone can agree on one thing: The cover art for the upcoming survival horror game The Evil Within is pretty awesome.

Finishing Touches Being Made to The Girl; New Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Along with all the other projects you've seen her name linked to over the past several months, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is deep in post-production on her sophomore directorial effort, The Girl, and as she readies the film for presentation to the market, she provided us with a look at its new teaser.

Joel Soisson Goes Cam2Cam for Online Terror

Director Joel Soisson (Pulse 2: Afterlife, Pulse 3, Children of the Corn: Genesis) is back with a new film for the digital age entitled Cam2Cam (formerly DARKnet), and right now we have the poster, trailer, and release details for ya! Dig 'em!

Let's Get Cute with the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare PS4 Developer Diary

Look at your DVDs. If your beloved copy of Maniac sits next to a beaten up copy of The Little Mermaid, we have news for you. For those who love horror but have a soft spot for bright colors and all things cute, here's a look at bringing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare to life on the PS4.

Devilish New Trailer for The Devil Incarnate

Indie filmmaker L. Gustavo Cooper is back with another tale of terror called The Devil Incarnate, and it's getting set for an October 7, 2014, DVD release from RLJ / Image Entertainment. Read on for the official trailer and more!

Two New Trailers for The Dead 2

On tap right now are both red and green band trailers for The Ford Brothers' eagerly awaited sequel to their film The Dead, entitled The Dead 2 (aka The Dead 2: India), which is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay. Check them out!

Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson Head to Meadowland

We know next to nothing about the upcoming flick Meadowland other than the basic plot and that it's a psychological thriller (whatever that means). Neither does anyone else for that matter, except for those involved. Still, in case you're interested...

Elisabeth Moss to Deliver the Queen of Earth

Another flick described as "Rosemary's Baby-esque" is on its way. It's entitled Queen of Earth, and we have all the latest info on it right here. Interested? Then read on! Not interested? Go watch Rosemary's Baby again!

The Scribbler Finally Scribbles Out a Trailer

December of 2013 was the last time we told you about the film adaptation of the graphic novel The Scribbler. Finally there's a trailer to share with you cats. XLrator Media’s sci-fi action-thriller The Scribbler is set to open September 19th.

Alex Kurtzman Ready to Wrap Up The Mummy

First it was Len Wiseman who left Universal's proposed reboot of The Mummy. Then it was Mama director Andres Muschietti who flew the Eqyptian coop. Now, producer Alex Kurtzman is throwing caution to the wind and directing the flick himself.

Eliza Graves Takes Up Residence in Stonehearst Asylum

Time to play the name game, kids, though it will not be nearly as entertaining as it was during "American Horror Story: Asylum." Eliza Graves has gotten itself a new title, Stonehearst Asylum. Look for it via Millennium Films on October 24th.

Kino Lorber Releasing Seventies Snake-Charming Carrie Clone Jennifer on DVD and Blu-ray for the First Time

Kind of a shame the Carrie remake wasn’t a bigger hit because part of me would like to believe that might lead to a remake of the obscure 1978 knock-off Jennifer. Thanks to Scorpion Releasing, “The Snake Goddess” will be reborn on Blu-ray.