#SDCC14: Go Inside The Walking Dead's Terminus Display

Earlier this morning we gave you a look around AMC's "The Walking Dead" display at the San Diego Comic-Con. Now we head straight into the belly of the beast to honor the people who died fighting! Light your candles and dig it!

#SDCC14 Exclusive: WWE Superstar Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl and Director Zach Lipovsky Talk Leprechaun: Origins

During the SDCC we had a chance to get the skinny on WWE's Leprechaun: Origins, starring WWE Supertstar Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl. Read on for the scoop from Dylan and director Zach Lipovsky.

#SDCC14: Teen Wolf Returning for a Two-Part, 20-Episode Season 5

MTV announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that "Teen Wolf" has been greenlit for a two-part, 20-episode fifth season. Additionally, the room was given a first-look at the mid-season trailer, which is currently available to view on iPhone/iPad or Android via the MTV App.

The Spierig Brothers Set to Rewrite and Direct Hammer Films' Winchester

It's hard to believe it was way back in April 2012 when we first got word that Hammer would be filming a new movie onsite in the Winchester Mystery House, but the project is now back on track with a new writing/directing team we're all quite familiar with.

#SDCC 2014: New Horns Poster Hurts Like Hell

Goodies related to Alexandre Aja's Horns (review) are coming at us hot and heavy out of Comic-Con, and if you thought yesterday's new images were the end of it, we must inform you that we're only getting started. So check out a slick new piece of poster art for the flick, which we're really digging!

#SDCC14: Pre-Order Oculus and Receive a Limited Edition Hand Mirror

We're already only a couple weeks away from the home video release of Mike Flanagan's Oculus (review), which Fox invites us to stare into on August 5th.

UK Poster Welcomes The Guest

Adam Wingard's next film arrives here in the States on September 17th from Picturehouse, following its UK premiere in August. In the meantime check out the hot off the presses UK poster for the flick, which promises it's only here to help!

#SDCC14: App Turns You Into a Victim of The Strain

Have you been sitting on your couch watching "The Strain" on FX these last couple weeks, wondering what you would look like if you became infected with the horrific disease at the center of the story? Well of course you have. And that's why we love you. Read on to find out how you can catch the infection!

#SDCC14: HBO's The Leftovers Brings the Creepy to Comic-Con

HBO's depressing new drama series "The Leftovers" isn't exactly something we cover here on Dread Central, but once we saw this incredibly creepy display from the show's outdoor setup at Comic-Con, we HAD to grab a few images for you. It's enough to make a small child cry!

#SDCC14: Things Aren't Just Hot in Cleveland... They're Undead!

"Hot in Cleveland" isn't a show we usually mention on Dread Central, but with an animated episode heading our way next week that includes Joy, Melanie, Victoria, and Elka seeing what life in Cleveland would be like if a zombie apocalypse were to hit the city, well, how could we resist?

#SDCC14: We Rev Up for the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Automotive Experience!

If you're attending Comic-Con, we have a simple equation for you... Hot Chicks + Hot Cars = The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Experience, which you can find just across the street from the Convention Center. On display are a ton of the film's vehicles, and we got greasy with the goods for ya!

#SDCC14: Halloween Box Set Promo - An Army of Shapes Marches on Comic-Con

In honor of Scream Factory/Anchor Bay's Halloween: The Complete Collection Blu-ray set, the powers-that-be unleashed The Shape on Comic-Con in a big-ass way, and we were right there to catch the fun! Check it out!

More American Horror Story Casting News: A Fresh Face Is Heading to the Freak Show

"American Horror Story" is known for recycling a regular group of actors each season, but for the upcoming Chapter 4, "Freak Show," a new face is entering the mix in the form of Finn Wittrock ("Masters of Sex," "All My Children").

#SDCC14: More Characters Under The Dome Are Doomed To Die; Will Someone Get Out?

Though I gave up on "Under the Dome" last season once it became clear that it was determined to outdo itself time and time again in terms of continuously terrible writing, CBS is still trying to make something out of this nonsensical production. The new solution? Thin the herd!

Is The Scream Franchise Plagued By Bad Blood Between Its Two Driving Creative Forces?

It's a shame to discover the amount of bad blood that exists between the Scream franchise's creative minds. To hear Kevin Williamson tell it, it doesn't sound like he'll be back to the series anytime soon.