V.C. Andrews' Daughter of Darkness Coming to the Small Screen

More small screen vampire mayhem is coming our way as Flowers in the Attic author V.C. Andrews' toothy tale Daughter of Darkness is getting the television treatment. Read on for details.

Blue Undergound Bringing The Complete Blind Dead Collection to DVD

Not only did the Amando de Ossorio-directed 1971 flick Tombs of the Blind Dead kickstart a boom of Spanish horror films, but it also served as the starting off point for an entire franchise, collectively known as the Blind Dead series.

David Cronenberg's Scanners Sets the Criterion Collection on Fire; Pre-Order Today!

At the start of this year, the folks who run The Criterion Collection teased that Scanners would be receiving their prestigious home video treatment this year, and now the box art has been revealed and the discs put up for pre-order.

New Daylight Videos Highlight Terrors in the Dark

As we near the PC and PlayStation 4 April 29th release date for the new horror game from Zombie Studios & Atlus, entitled Daylight, the powers-that-be have released two new videos to fuel our nightmares. Check 'em out!

Chloe Grace Moretz Will Beat Off The 5th Wave

Last month we learned that Graham King’s GK Films acquired film rights to The 5th Wave, a young adult sci-fi novel penned by Rick Yancy. We know it'll star aliens, but who will be tasked with fending them off? Read on!

New Evil Within Video Meets With Protest

We here at Dread Central love a good controversy. Especially when it comes to pinheads who point their fingers at horror movie and video game violence for the heinous crimes committed by assholes who blame this and that for their own stupidity instead of owning up to their deeds.

Time for Another 'Ask Salem' Video with Seth Gabel and Ashley Madekwe

On Sunday we'll be able to see if WGN America's "Salem" lives up to the promise of its disturbing promo materials, but in the meantime let's hear from co-stars Seth Gabel and Ashley Madekwe as they answer questions from the "heathens" at the recent press junket for the show.

The Quiet Ones - Nationwide Pass Giveaway!

Want to see Hammer's upcoming spooker The Quiet Ones for free? Then hurry up because we're giving away passes to early screenings all over the United States! Click, print, and hurry! It's first-come/first-served!

How I Met Your Mother's Charlene Amoia Ready to Confront Nefas: The Wicked

Charlene Amoia ("How I Met Your Mother," American Reunion) will star in a new horror film for Zoe and Pebbles Productions in association with Mulberry Street Films, LLC, entitled Nefas: The Wicked, a haunted house tale based on true events. Of course!

Exclusive: Adam Gierasch Talks Fractured

You’ve got to love the fact that the press junket for Adam Gierasch’s latest extreme horror film was held in a bar – in the middle of the day. (Not only was press allowed to imbibe, the open tab certainly was encouraging of vice.)

Tony Todd and Cassandra Scerbo Suffer from Haunting Agoraphobia

News of a new horror project has come our way as Cassandra Scerbo (Sharknado) and legendary horror icon Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination, Night of the Living Dead) have joined the cast of Lou Simon's Agoraphobia.

Barbara Steele, Jonathan Zarantonello, and James Karen Talk The Butterfly Room

I heard about The Butterfly Room – an American suspense thriller with an Italian sensibility, starring the British-born Barbara Steele – almost a year ago, and I’ve been waiting ever since on the proverbial pins and needles to see it.

Director Toby Wilkins Crackles with Chosen

One of our favorite directors, Toby Wilkins (Splinter, "Teen Wolf"), has directed the entire third season of the truly kick-ass Crackle original series "Chosen," and we'd figured we'd be remiss if we didn't give you guys a heads-up!

Look This Strain Teaser in the Eye

A new teaser is here for FX's adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's "The Strain," which is set to infect us all on June 22nd, and we bet it can kick your ass in a staring contest. Or maybe just send you screaming from the room. Check it out!

Hellweek Goes Grindhouse

In 2009 an urban legend turned out to be true and a college hazing turned out to be deadly in Hellweek, a horror film you've probably never seen. In 2013 the film was released. Now, in 2014, a special grindhouse edition is here. Read on for details.