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New Teaser One-Sheet for The Grey - Liam Neeson Looks Pissed!

When you have an actor like Liam Neeson in your movie, it's a good idea to utilize him in every imaginable way. Especially by sticking his entire infuriated face on your one-sheet!

Gloomy Teaser One-Sheet Escapes for Joe Carnahan's The Grey

More news coming in for this fine Saturday afternoon (you know, the day when everyone is supposed to be relaxing?)! This time we have the first teaser one-sheet for Joe Carnahan's survival based thriller, The Grey! Dig it!

Teaser Trailer Debut for Joe Carnahan's The Grey

Start your holwing, kids! The first teaser trailer for The Grey, Joe Carnahan's thriller about a group of oil drillers whose plane crashes in Alaska, smack in the middle of the hunting grounds of a territorial rogue wolf pack, is finally here!