7 Deadly Sinns

7 Deadly Sinns: Killer Dolls!

Dolls! Oh, how I hate them. Their flat little frozen faces might appear to say nothing, but they’ve never fooled me! Sure, they don’t move; at least when you’re looking directly at them. They sit still and polite, dressed in their Victorian gown, clown suit, or whatever ridiculous garb they hope is charming enough for them to seem harmless. Don’t be fooled!

7 Deadly Sinns: Twins of Evil

Oh, diabolical duplicity! There are abominations out there in the world; twisted hive minds dually cast in humanizing flesh and blood. Society would have us believe them harmless, perhaps even friendly. Science might even agree. Film, however, has shown us the facts of the case. These dastardly duos, these insidious inseparables, these twins, as they are colloquially called, they are out there in the world, waiting, scheming, and conniving your imminent and bloody destruction! Evil twins want to destroy the world!

7 Deadly Sinns: Bad Done Right

Nothing beats a well done bad guy. Evil wrongdoers have the potential of being some of the most effective and memorable characters in film. A truly worthy and ill-intentioned presence has an almost preternatural ability to change the very air pressure in a room; temperatures are higher, or colder, and things that should be familiar may seem out of place and not quite right.

7 Deadly Sinns: PG13-ification!

There’s a lot to be afraid of in the world of horror. Vampires, werewolves, and undead monsters are just the tip of the iceberg; mad cannibalistic killers, rage churning viruses, and behemoths from the deep help keep up the mass. Talk of these things can be found throughout the internet in the vast plethora of horror discussion boards. Not yet mentioned among these fear-inducing monstrosities is one diseased abomination that always sparks up a fuss.