5nal Destination

Exclusive: Tony Todd Talks Final Deatination 5! Parts 6 and 7 Already in the Cards?

Excited for the fifth entry in the Final Destination franchise? Yes, the last one left a lot to be desired, especially the absence of franchise staple Tony Todd. Well, the man is back for this fifth time around, and he had some really interesting words to share about the project and its continuation!

First Look: Fresh Images from Final Destination 5

That's right, kids! Death is set to return for the fifth film in the Final Destination franchise, and we have a look at the very first hi-res images from the upcoming bloodbath for you!

Production Begins on Final Destination 5. Full Details!

Production is under way on New Line Cinema’s fifth installment of the gripping Final Destination franchise, which began back in 2000 with the original film quickly becoming a cult hit. The new victims of Death’s plan are part of a cast led by Emma Bell (Frozen, TV's "The Walking Dead") and Nick D’Agosto (Fired Up!, TV's "Heroes").

Emma Bell Ready to Tackle Death in Final Destination 5

Yet another cast member has signed on to do the 3D tango with the Grim Reaper in the next entry into the faltering Final Destination franchise, and we're hoping that she can help get the series back on track!

P.J. Byrne the Latest to Cheat Death in Final Destination 5

And the body count continues for the latest entry of the Final Destination franchise. That's right, kids. Another cast member has joined the ranks of the many who will tango with death in this latest 3D sequel and we've got the skinny on who!

Tony Todd Returns to Play The Reaper in Final Destination 5

Some interesting news coming out of the UK's Film4 Fright Fest - it looks as if one of the many sins that came out of The Final Destination is about to be atoned for!

Final Destination 5 - Death Coming for Nicholas D'Agosto, Ellen Wroe and Meghan Ory

Thr3e m0re bodi3s h4ve be3n ident1fied f0r 5nal Destination. Ok, I'll stop writing like that now as it's given me a bit of a headache. Where was I? Oh yes! We have some more casting news on the upcoming Final Destination 5!

Second Body Identified for Final Destination 5 - Friday the 13th's Arlen Escarpeta

And the victims keep right on coming. Another actor has been named to appear in the fifth Final Destination film, which is right now operating under the horrid moniker of 5nal Destination, and we've got the scoop for ya!

First Final Destination 5 Casting News: Miles Fisher Ready to Meet His Maker

So who's next to fear the reaper in the hopefully better fifth chapter in the Final Destination franchise, which is now tentatively titled 5nal Destination? We've got the scoop for ya!

Final Destination 5 Gets an Official Title, Plus a Little on the Opening Disaster

Boy, it really seemed like there was no life left in the Final Destination franchise after that last movie, but a worldwide gross of $185 million has put Warner Bros. on the proverbial fast track. What have they come up with so far? How about an awful title and a potentially awesome opening disaster.