5 or Die

See 5 or Die's First Episode Now!

The pilot episode of 5 or Die (review), the new web series from Tom Holland, is now available for all to see via YouTube. 5 or Die centers around a mysterious, mangled killer who will appear in your room if you happen to watch his previous victim get killed on the Internet. The series will be hosted by Strike.TV soon!

Strike TV is Live!

All right, it’s time to celebrate the independent spirit and show those who stood up and kept working during the Writer’s Strike how much we appreciate them. How can we do that? By checking out Strike TV, which went live today and features, among many other original short programs, Tom Holland’s “5 or Die” (pilot review).

5 or Die (Pilot Episode)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Kevin Daniels, Brandon Fobbs, James Snyder, Madeline Zima Directed by Tom Holland Hosted by Strike TV

Tom Holland Behind 5 or Die!

You may recall a few weeks back we showed you a clip from something called “5 or Die”, which was sent to us without any real information backing it up as to what the hell it was.

What is 5 or Die?

This just showed up in our inbox and since we’re never ones to turn down free stuff, especially creepy free stuff, we thought we’d share it with you. All I know is that “5 or Die” has something to do with it ... what a strange mystery this is! So dig your eyeballs out and prop in front of the screen for a better look! More as we get it!

Holland, Tom (5 or Die)

There's no doubt director Tom Holland has given us loads of goods over the years. Classics like Child's Play, Fright Night, etc. With his new project,