Burton Finds His Alice

Tim Burton’s search for a girl to put through the looking glass has finally come to an end.

More Video from Final Destination 4!

Reelz Channel got a behind the scenes look at David R. Ellis' Final Destination 4 while it was filming in New Orleans.

Lionsgate Relocates Bloody Valentine

Lionsgate sure does enjoy moving its films around lately, but there was one title we were positive would stay in its place, My Bloody Valentine.

Farmer Talks Valentine Redux

You know how we feel about remakes here at Dread. You know how long it takes to convince us that maybe, just maybe, the remake is justified. And though I’ve never really cared one way or another about the My Bloody Valentine redux, a new interview with its screenwriter, Todd Farmer, has almost swayed me to the side of not only caring, but actually looking forward to it.

ToyQuest Nabs Monsters Vs. Aliens License

Either Dreamworks has a lot of confidence in ToyQuest or they’re not too thrilled about their first 3D animated film, Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Wreckin' Videos from Final Destination 4 Set!

Director David R. Ellis (Snakes On a Plane) has his work cut out for him. He has to find a way to top all the badass carnage we've seen throughout most of the previous Final Destination flicks. OK, to be honest ... he really only has to top the car crash in FD2. Is that possible?

Just What is Bloody Valentine's Plot?

So, what will Lionsgate's remake of My Bloody Valentine be about? We got in the lengthy synopsis today!

Tunnicliffe Has a Heart On For My Bloody Valentine

Some people out there have been lukewarm about the upcoming 3D My Bloody Valentine remake. Me? I'm ready for some gore in the third dimension! And now there's a whole new reason to get at least somewhat excited!

Atkins Joins Bloody Valentine

Can I get a HELL YES? Despite what some may think about the need for a remake of My Bloody Valentine, especially one in 3D, it just added one helluva cool name to the cast list that has moved it up significantly on my “must see” list.

Supernatural Star Gets Bloody

Another pretty face is poised to join Patrick Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine remake, which you may recall is shooting in the third dimension. The Hollywood Reporter got word this morning that Jensen Ackles (“Supernatural”) is set to join the cast.

Valentine Redux Finds a King

Though one has to question the necessity of a My Bloody Valentine redux, especially one shot in 3D, I doubt anyone would argue that the casting of Jaime (Sin City) King is a good idea, if nothing else because she's so very easy on the eyes.

Voices, New Pic for Monsters Vs. Aliens

Aside from some initial early rumblings about what the film will be about, it’s been a while since we heard a peep from Dreamworks Animation regarding Monsters Vs. Aliens. Today their vow of silence was broken to USA Today and a new pic has been revealed.

My Bloody Valentine Redux Goes 3D

Aja's Piranha Goes 3D?

This may seem a little confusing at first, but try to stay with me here. Koa Films is making a Piranha flick and Alexandre Aja is remaking the original Piranha (“New Piranha, Demons Remake!” – April 2007), OK? Two installments of the same film franchise were in the works, but Koa's was to be in 3D. Easy enough to follow, right?

No More Remakes For Aja

Remakes, remakes, remakes ... they never end it seems. Have ideas run so dry in the movie business that anything and everything is worthy fodder for the retooling machine? Good thing we horror fans have Alex Aja on our side.