Next up for 3D Conversion - Wes Craven's My Soul to Take

And the 3D conversion train is chugging along on its tracks, though we cannot imagine it not being derailed soon. Box Office Mojo is now reporting that Wes Craven's My Soul to Take is the next flick up for conversion.

International Saw VII 3D Teaser Poster

It's a safe bet that we're on the verge of being bombarded with upcoming goodies for the seventh Saw film, Saw 3D, but for now our friends overseas scored the very first bit of teaser art.

Taurus Entertainment Ready to Cash-in on Fans with Another Day of the Dead Remake in 3D

If there's one film company out there whom we take an extreme amount of issue with, it is James Glenn Dudelson and Ana Clavell's Taurus Entertainment. The reason is because the duo take properties they ended up owning through some minor miracle and then give them horrendous in-name-only sequels to fool fans into watching and possibly buying. They're back and ready to do more damage.

Ryuhei Kitamura to Direct Black Friday 3D?

More news out of Cannes. A new slasher is getting set to bring his special brand of slaughter to horror fans, and one hell of a director is said to be getting behind the project.

The Original Battle Royale Being Converted to 3D

Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing. This 3D craze is just going too far. It's one thing to take a modern film during this latest jump-off-the-screen phase and convert it into, well, let's face it, subpar 3D; but now that people are going back to films that were made years ago to give them the pop-up-book treatment, our stomachs are really starting to hurt.

George A. Romero Remaking Dario Argento's Deep Red in 3D?

Okay, our minds are officially blown. Blown we tell you. The strangest and probably most interesting report out of Cannes today has come in the form of news that legendary filmmaker George Romero will be remaking the also legendary Dario Argento's Deep Red in 3D. Two words ... holy shit.

Fright Night Remake Coming at Us in 3D?

You know what's sad? Here in the Dread Central offices we've always loved 3D. When used correctly, it's a campy and fun experience, but now Hollywood is looking to cram the effect down our throats any chance they get whether a movie is filmed in 3D or not. The next potential flick to get the jump off the screen treatment? The remake of the Tom Holland classic Fright Night. Sigh.

First Plot Details: David R. Ellis' Shark Night 3D

It has been a couple of months since we last spoke about David R. Ellis' (Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Plane, Asylum, The Final Destination) next three-dimensional terror fest Shark Night, but the first plot details have come to light so it's time to head back into the old trusty cage to get dirty!

Dario Argento. Dracula. 3D. Excited?

Some startling news out of Cannes today. While milling about the event, one of the DC faithful managed to snap a picture of some really, really early sales art for what will be Dario Argento's stamp on the most famous vampire of them all. In 3D of course.

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D to Play in Imax Theatres

We already knew the fourth entry into the creature-laden Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife, would be hitting theatres on September 10th in glorious 3D, but now comes word from Sony Pictures that they'll be booking the film into Imax theatres simultaneous with its conventional theatre release.

More Details on Hammer's 3D The Woman in Black

As should be obvious from my screen name, The Woman in Black is a big favorite of mine, as well as several other members of the Dread Central staff, so today's confirmation that a new 3D version of the film is on its way from Hammer Films was met with much rejoicing.

What has Eight Legs and Three Dimensions? Spider 3D!

Nu Image is certainly no stranger to giant spiders, having produced the fun 2000 nature gone amok flick Spiders and its much less fun sequel.

New Piranha 3D NSFW Viral Video Makes Good on Half Its Promise -- Lots of Boobs

For a while now we've been hearing nothing but the promise of lots of "boobs and blood" coming out of Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D camp. Well ... in this latest NOT SAFE FOR WORK viral video featuring star Jerry O'Connell and lots and lots of naked heaving breasts, you can consider half of that promise totally fulfilled.

Release Date Shuffle: Hotel Transylvania 3D and Hereafter

"Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania! Such a scary place. Such a scary face. Plenty of doom at the Hotel Transylvania! Any kind of fear. You can find it here!" There. Now just try and get that shit out of your heads!

The Spierig Brothers to Unleash the Power of the Dark Crystal in 3D

If you're thirty-something like me, one film that keeps popping up from your childhood is Jim Henson's much beloved 1982 classic The Dark Crystal. For a kid's flick it was pretty dark and disturbing.