30 Days of Night

NOT SAFE FOR WORK: 13 Gruesome Decapitations

Typically I’d line an article of this nature up with a nifty little introduction. This time around, I’m just going to hit you with something of a disclaimer: Compiling this list was extremely challenging. There are countless scenes depicting heads being severed from bodies, in countless different pictures.

Guest Blog: Anatomy of the Cover of Criminal Macabre: Final Night #3 by Justin Erickson

Criminal Macabre: Final Night - The 30 Days of Night Crossover Issue #1 is coming on December 12th, but we're already looking ahead to Issue #3 and have another guest blog from artist Justin Erickson on the process he used to create the cover.

Guest Interview: Steve Niles Talks Ugly Vampires, How to Treat Fans, Creator-Driven Comics, His Inspirations, and Lots More

Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie provided us with another guest interview this week in which he chats with the incomparable Steve Niles, horror writer extraordinaire.

Guest Blog: Anatomy of the Cover of Criminal Macabre: Final Night #1 by Justin Erickson

Issue #1 of the historic IDW/Dark Horse crossover comic Criminal Macabre: Final Night from Steve Niles arrives December 12th, and we have a look at the process artist Justin Erickson used to create the cover.

Check Out Three Pages from the IDW/Dark Horse Crossover Criminal Macabre: Final Night - The 30 Days of Night Crossover #1

Some of Steve Niles’ greatest characters come together in a final showdown in Criminal Macabre: Final Night - The 30 Days of Night Crossover. We have the cover art and three pages from Issue #1 to share.

Dark Horse Joining IDW for Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night Crossover

Now this is some interesting news! Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing are teaming up on a once-in-a-lifetime crossover between the critically acclaimed Criminal Macabre and 30 Days of Night.

30 Days of Night Becoming an All-New, Ongoing Comic Series

IDW Publishing has announced an all-new, ongoing 30 Days of Night comic book series starting in October. Original co-creator Steve Niles returns to his first creation with this latest chapter in the 30 Days of Night franchise, joined by artist Sam Kieth. Niles and Kieth depict an epic story that shifts from Barrow, Alaska, to the city of angels, Los Angeles.

30 Days of Night Does Juarez, Mexico

A lot of crazy stuff can happen down in Mexico; even worse when the undead are involved. IDW Publishing has announced the release of a new 30 Days of Night installment, this time centered in the rough little town of Juarez, Mexico.

AFM: Another 30 Days of Night

More sequel news has come down via AFM, this time from STYD, confirming that a sequel to 30 Days of Night is in the works. I really hope no one is surprised by that. Word is that Steve Niles will be writing the screenplay with Ben Ketai.

30 Days in 30 Seconds ... With Bunnies

It’s been a while since we’ve done anything linking to those ingenious weirdos at Angry Alien, but their recent inclusion of a 30-second bunny-filled rendition of David Slade's 30 Days of Night caught our attention anew.

Fearnet's New 30 Days of Night Story

Before 30 Days of Night came out, Return to House on Haunted Hill helmer Victor Garcia directed a prequel series to the film called 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails that you could only find on the Comcast On Demand channel Fearnet.

Toy Fair 08: Gentle Giant Studios!

Gentle Giant Studios has been floating around out with the other toy companies for a while now, slowly building a reputation as one of the best when it comes to their design and photo-realistic quality sculpts. So how cool is it that they’re finally getting into horror?

30 Days of Night (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Josh Hartnett, Craig Hall, Melissa George, Ben Foster Directed by David Slade Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

30 Days Goes Beyond Barrow

"After years of attacks, and several without, the citizens of Barrow have become united against random attacks on their city by the undead. Unfortunately the same does not apply outside of Barrow or the rest of the mysterious Arctic Circle."

30 Days of Killer Plastic

Hitting the 2007 San Diego Comic Con is always a psychotic ride for any reporter. For someone covering horror toys for Dread Central, to borrow a line from Slither, it’s like finding a needle in a fuck-stack!