New 247 Degrees F Clip Warns UK Fans Don't Shut the Door!

With the UK DVD and Blu-ray release of sweaty suspense flick 247°F arriving March 18th courtesy of Anchor Bay UK, we have another exclusive clip on hand to get you in the mood for the steamy terror to come. Time to relax in the sauna... if you dare!

247 Degrees F (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Christina Ulloa, Travis Van Winkle, Michael Copon, Tyler Mane

Violence Erupts in New 247°F Clip

Another clip from the upcoming locked in a sauna with no escape flick, 247°F, is here and it illustrates just how annoying being locked in a small area with Scout Taylor-Compton can be! Kidding, Scouty, kidding! We love you!

Second 247°F Clip Starts Hearing Things

Let's face it; when your body reaches a temperature at which it begins... well... cooking, then you are bound to experience all kinds of weird things, like hearing voices, seeing things, or even just wondering how in the hell you ended up locked in a sauna.

First Clip from 247°F Asks Questions

The first sweaty clip from the sauna related terror 247°F has arrived. Seriously, we cannot wait to see how this one plays out. People involuntarily cooking themselves with no escape? Yep, sounds just up our alley!

Get Sweaty with the Official Trailer for 247°F

Alrighty, kids! Strip down to your skivvies and get read to shed your pound of flesh with the official trailer for 247°F. Clothing optional. On second thought, no, it is NOT optional! Get naked and jump in!

A Balmy Image Gallery for 247°F

Ready for a peek inside the sauna of doom from the upcoming flick 247°F? Well then, you're in a copious amount of luck as we have your first look inside the flick. Ready? Set? Get steamed and dig it!

Things Heat Up When 247°F Comes Home

After witnessing the silliness of a killer trying to drown someone in an ATM, nothing seems ludicrous to us anymore. So why not have a horror movie involving people stuck in a sauna? At least we'll get to see Scout Taylor-Compton very hot and sweaty!

AFM 2011: 247°F Lets You Get Sweaty With Scout Taylor-Compton! First Stills, Art, and Trailer!

For most horror fans the prospect of heating things up with the lovely Scout Taylor-Compton is nothing short of irresistible. I mean, who could blame you? That's exactly what happens when Pouty Scouty and her pals check into the sauna from hell in 247°F.

Halloween Stars Reunite in a Sauna Set to 247°F

Surely we’ve all seen a movie or TV show where someone attempted to commit murder by locking someone in a sauna and setting the heat to full blast. But a whole survival horror movie built around three people trapped in a sauna as the temperature rises to a dangerous 247°F? That’s a new one.