20th Century Fox

Fox Making Plans for The Bone Season

So what if the title kind of reminds us of a great name for a porn convention? There's another young adult property being swept up that has the potential to bring in huge box office dollars, and that's all the matters, right?

The Devil's Due for a One-Sheet

20th Century Fox has given birth to the first poster for Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due, and we have it, the trailer and a whole lot more. Dig it!

Trailer and More Delivered for the Devil's Due

Just yesterday we brought you the first word regarding Radio Silence's feature film debut, Devil's Due, and on tap right now we have the trailer and a whole lot more. Dig it!

20th Century Fox Breaks Radio Silence and Releases Devil's Due

If there was a bright spot in the original V/H/S anthology, it was Radio Silence's haunting entry, which just blew us away. That's why we're really jazzed to see what the guys have cooked up for their feature film debut. Speaking of which...

Alien to Become a Theme Park Attraction in Malaysia

Oh, what we wouldn't give for a haunted attraction based on the 20th Century Fox Alien franchise. I mean, really. The possibilities are friggin' endless, man. Still, one is soon to exist, but damn is it far away. Time to make travel plans.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: 20th Century Fox Bringing Apes, Wolverine, and a Surprise

As if Saturday at SDCC wasn't packed enough, now that 20th Century Fox has announced its panels, the day has gotten even more ridiculously crowded... and hairy. Yep, some Apes are on their way!

Legendary Pictures Looking to Expand its Horizons

Interesting news is coming in today from Legendary Pictures, which for many years has partnered with Warner Bros. on huge genre titles like Crimson Peak, Godzilla, Seventh Son, Pacific Rim, Jonah Hex, Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, 300, and of course our very favorite - Trick ‘r Treat.

Release Date Shuffle: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Independence Day 2

Alrighty, kids! Time to make some adjustments to your upcoming movie calendar. Go ahead and grab a pencil. We'll just wait right here twerking to pass the time. Any day now.... Okay, ready? Good!

The Cabin in the Woods Director Makes Contact with The Martian

Since the success of The Cabin in the Woods, we've been waiting patiently to see what director Drew Goddard would be up to next. It sounds as if he may just have found a project that he can sink his teeth into. Read on for details.

Fox to Communicate with Self Via Capsule

There's an old saying - If I knew then, what I know now... Ever wonder what would happen if you could warn yourself not to do things before you do them? Would you even listen to future you? That's the question posed by the new project from 20th Century Fox called Capsule.

Kaya Scodelario and Aml Ameen Join The Maze Runner

Wes Ball (Ruin) took to Twitter to reveal yet another star in his upcoming big screen adaptation of The Maze Runner, the first of a trilogy of dystopian novels by James Dashner. Read on for details.

Has The Maze Runner Found a Runner in Will Poulter?

It's been awhile, but finally there's some movement on the long talked about big screen adaptation of The Maze Runner, the first of a trilogy of dystopian novels by James Dashner. Read on for details.

20th Century Fox Ready to Focus on Mind MGMT

Another comic adaptation is on its way, this time from 20th Century Fox. THR is reporting that the studio has picked up the movie rights to Mind MGMT, the Dark Horse comic by Matt Kindt. Read on for details.

Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse Gets Personal

Following yesterday's story that Steven Spielberg has hit the breaks on his Robopocalypse flick, Entertainment Weekly caught up with the famed director for a bit more on the subject. Read on for the latest.

Steven Spielberg Slowing Down his Robopocalypse

Sometimes to get things right, it takes time. The act of rushing to get anything done rarely turns out okay, and no one knows this more than an experienced filmmaker like Steven Spielberg, who is in no big rush to make his way toward the Robopocalypse.