20th Centrury Fox

Big Twisted Smiles on the Set of Wrong Turn 6

Now that the cat's out of the proverbial bag that Wrong Turn 6 is currently filming in Bulgaria, the goodies are slowly trickling in, and right now we have a very candid shot of the film's maniacs for you to dig on courtesy of actor Chris Jarvis on Twitter.

Fox Takes a Wrong Turn for the Sixth Time; Now Filming!

Yesterday we got an e-mail stating that House of Bad's Sadie Katz was cast in Wrong Turn 6, which is currently filming in Bulgaria. We sat on it because we were told a more fleshed out official release was on the way. In the interim Bloody Disgusting did some digging and found out a whole lot more.

Fox Thrilled to Go Biblical with The Unseen

Religion-based horror movies have a tendency to become box office cash cows, and even though they struck out with Devil's Due, Fox is looking to stay in the game with a new biblical terror tale entitled The Unseen.

Radio Silence Finds Footage for Fox

If the Radio Silence team proved anything in the indie hit V/H/S, it's that they can do horror with flying colors as their segment in the anthology was the best the flick had to offer. That being said, 20th Century Fox took notice of this.

Our Chronicle Review Has Super Powers!

That's right! We're talking real deal super powers, kids. Think we're just messing with you? Ok, then. Read on to become one of the true believers!

Chronicle (2012)

Starring Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael Kelly, Ashley Hinshaw Directed by Josh Trank

Final Teaser for Chronicle Crash Lands

Chronicle finally hits theatres tomorrow (look a review soon), and what should be the last of the film's teaser videos is right here for you to dig on! Check it out!

Bullies Get Theirs in Latest Chronicle Clip

We're nearing the end of our wait for Chronicle to hit theatres, and to further entice you into seeing it this weekend, a new clip has surfaced that's filled with some much needed comeuppance.

Chronicle - New Viral Has People Flying in New York City

We've seen a lot of viral stunts over the years, but this latest one in support of Chronicle is super friggin' cool. Check it out!

In College? Demand that Your School Host One of Ten Early FREE Screenings of Chronicle!

Looking forward to seeing Chronicle when it debuts on February 3rd but running low on cash? If you're in college, you can help your school win the opportunity to host a free advance screening of the film at midnight on the Wednesday before it open. Read on for the details.

A Trio of New Stills Chronicle Good Kids Gone Bad

More eye candy from Chronicle has landed at our doorstep... well, okay, they came from our inbox, but do you have to be such a prick? Play along once in a while! Jeez!

Third Chronicle TV Spot Not to Be Used on Living Things

Someone once said with great power comes great responsibility. Makes sense, however, when it comes to at least one of these lads, such a statement falls on truly deaf ears.

UK Chronicle TV Spot Rehashes the Mayhem

It's getting harder and harder to escape the ads for Chronicle. Even across the pond. Speaking of which, dig on this latest TV spot fresh out of the UK!

New Chronicle Clip Ready to School You

Telekinesis. Not sure just what the hell that is? Well, aren't you lucky! A new clip from Chronicle is here to lay it all out for ya! This flick just cannot get here soon enough. Check it out!

New Chronicle TV Spot Brings the Carnage

A new TV spot for the upcoming kids gone wrong Chronicle has made its way online brimming with new footage and chaos. To quote some recent Dread Central fanmail from the latest episode of Dinner for Fiends, "I like!"