2013 Oscars

Horror Snubbed at the Oscars; William Shatner Asleep in the Audience; Jennifer Lawrence Falls; Meryl Streep Picks Wedgie!

And the Oscar gold goes to... everything but the few genre films which were nominated at the 2013 Academy Awards. Overall the entire show was a snooze, and we mean that literally! See that for yourself and more.

Mondo Reveals its Commemorative Oscar Poster for ParaNorman

Mondo, the art division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, celebrates the upcoming Oscars with its secnd annual poster series tied to nominated films in select categories, and the one that should be of most interest to horror fans is for ParaNorman.

Just a Smattering of Horror Films Included in the 2013 Oscar Nominees

Per usual, we didn't see many horror films listed among this year's nominees for an Academy Award, but here's the lowdown on those that did make the cut.