2001 Maniacs

Rest in Peace: David F. Friedman

One of the most prolific horror film producers in the game has taken his final curtain call and is sadly no longer with us. You may not know his name, but we know you're very familiar with his work.

Lionsgate Drops a Massive Load of Horror Blu-rays in October - Blair Witch and More!

October 5th may just go down as one of the priciest days in history for high definition horror fans as Lionsgate is opening up its massive vault and letting the blood flow freely!

Tim Sullivan to Give a Slash Course in Horror!

How rare is it that you get the opportunity to learn from one of the genre's staple filmmakers? If you plan on attending the Big Bear Horror Festival this weekend, you'll be getting that very chance as director Tim Sullivan will be appearing to teach a special "Slash Course" and show the first Maniacs film!

Davis, Mitch (Fantasia Film Festival)

Mitch Davis, the man, the legend, the Director of International Programming for the Fantasia Festival managed to peel himself away from Concordia’s Hall building for a while to speak with our man on the sce