See Five New Asylum Trailers Featuring Zombies, Cannibals, Satanic Babies, Biblical Disasters, and Hobbits

Danny Trejo battles zombies! Bai Ling saves Hobbits! Monica Keena builds an ark! Dee Wallace eats Hansel & Gretel. The antichrist is born... again! It can only mean The Asylum has new trailers for its next five releases!

The Spawn of Satan Will be Born on 12-12-12 and We Have His Exclusive First Baby Photos

After last year’s numerical doomsday 11-11-11 but before 2012’s December 21st Mayan-pocalypse lurks another sinister date: 12-12-12. If it wasn’t a sinister date before it sure is now thanks to a new Omen-esque horror flick titled after the date on which its hellspawn will be born.