The Zombie Autopsies

George A. Romero Completes Script for His Adaptation of The Zombie Autopsies

George A. Romero's career has been plagued by projects that were planned but never came to fruition, and the last several years have seen many rumors come and go with regard to what his next film will be on the heels of 2009's Survival of the Dead.

George A. Romero Interested in Performing The Zombie Autopsies

With Halloween season in full swing, everyone is checking in with horror heavyweights to see if there's something that's on their plate we need to know about quickly. Case in point ...

Official Site for The Zombie Autopsies Opens With Insane New Art

We told you about the new book from Dr. Steven Schlozman, The Zombie Autopsies, a few weeks ago, and other than a really interesting interview with the man himself, there wasn't much to show you in terms of eye candy. Until now.

Modern Science Finally Gets Serious About Zombies

In a story today from CNN, Dr. Steven Schlozman, a child psychiatrist who holds positions at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry, discussed the very real implications of a real-world zombie outbreak.