This Week in Horror

Birdemic II: The Resurrection Starts Rolling in February?

The strangeness of last year's cult favorite Birdemic knows no bounds. If you haven't seen it, man, you're missing out. Rectify that immediately, you lazy bastard. You must bear witness so you can be ready for the sequel, Birdemic II: The Resurrection! Speaking of which...

First Birdemic II: The Resurrection Details Hit the Interwebs

If you haven't been digging on This Week in Horror, you've been missing out on some truly tasty tidbits of terror news that you won't be finding anywhere else. In this latest edition Birdemic director James Nguyen talks about the sequel to his cult favorite romantic thriller. Dig on the videos below in which Nguyen reveals:

Fresh Talk on Darren Bousman's Ninety

With 11 11 11 happily spinning in the hype wheel, it's easy to forget that Darren Bousman has yet another numerically themed horror flick in the works ... a little movie called Ninety whose premise is simple ... 90 kills in a 90-minute movie.

Director Stuart Gordon and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal on 'This Week in Horror' Web Series

We know there are so many web series out there, it's nearly impossible to separate the good from the bad, but for horror fans there are few better than "This Week in Horror" hosted by Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson. They're already up to Episode 10, and Staci dropped us a line to let us know that this week's installment should be of special interest to our readers.