The Visitor

Visitor, The (Blu-ray)

Starring Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, Lance Henriksen, Joanne Nail, Shelley Winters, John Huston, Paige Conner, Sam Peckinpah

Score a Copy of The Visitor on Blu-ray

The strangeness that is The Visitor is now on Blu-ray, and we have your chance to score a copy on us! Believe us - you NEED this film in your life. It's that damned wacky! Read on for details.

Drafthouse Films Bringing The Visitor and Ms. 45 to Home Video

The lovable loonies at Drafthouse Films are doing a great job of bringing some really obscure little titles to a new generation of viewers. Next up for them - the DVD and Blu-ray releases of The Visitor and Ms. 45. Read on for details.

New Clips Check in For The Visitor

Time to make believe that the 1979 weirdo-classic The Visitor hasn't been available on DVD since November 2, 2010, and show you new clips leading up to its theatrical run. Check 'em out.

New Visitor Trailer and Stills Home to the Strange and Static Cling

A new trailer in promotion of the theatrical screenings of Drafthouse Films' release of the 1979 weirdo-classic The Visitor is here, and if you were wondering just how bizarre this flick actually is, this latest round of eye candy will more than answer that question for you.

The Visitor - Theatrical Engagements Announced

Will you be one of the lucky ones to catch a theatrical screening of Drafthouse Films' release of the 1979 weirdo-classic The Visitor? Well your anxiety about the issue will soon be alleviated as the list of cities is finally here.

Drafthouse Films Releasing The Visitor Theatrically on Halloween

Great news is coming in for Drafthouse Films' release of the 1979 weirdo-classic The Visitor! If you're amongst the extremely lucky, you'll actually be getting a chance to see this sliver of Seventies psycho goodness up on the big screen!

Drafthouse Films Acquires The Visitor

And the video obscurities keep on coming as yet another classic film is being fully restored by the great and wondrous folks behind Drafthouse Films. That's right, kids! The Visitor is getting ready to resurface! Read on for details!

What Exactly is The Visitor? Check Out the Short Film!

What's worse than one strange visitor in the middle of the night? A subsequent, much stranger visitor that follows him. Such is the case in the short film, The Visitor.

Trailer Debut - Alien Hijinx Abound in The Visitor

It happens all the time, man. You go to school to learn a profession. After years and years of practice, tests, and other bits of associated lunacy, you finally graduate and take your role amongst society as a doctor. Then one night, while you're at home, someone comes knocking with something that you've never seen before wrapped up in a sheet and bleeding.