The Vicious Brothers

IFC Phones Home With Extraterrestrial

Directed by Colin Minihan, and written by The Vicious Brothers, IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. distribution rights to the sci-fi horror flick Extraterrestrial. The film will open on VOD and in limited theaters later this year.

Tribeca 2014: A New Extraterrestrial Image Beams Down

With the film's premiere at Tribeca just a few days away, Entertainment Weekly scored a new still from the latest offering from The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters) entitled Extraterrestrial (formerly The Visitors), and we have every pixel of it right here for your perusal.

AFM 2013: First Stills From The Visitors

The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters) are back with an alien-based flick known as The Visitors, and we have a set of new stills that are just out of this world. Well, sort of!

AFM 2013: Sales Art Beamed Up for The Vicious Brothers' The Visitors

The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters) are back with a new alien-based flick known as The Visitors and we have some early sales art for you right here. Dig it!

The Vicious Brothers Unleash Alien Visitors

The Vicious Brothers made a name for themselves with their ghosthouse gone completely crazed film Grave Encounters, and now the duo are ready to move on to different kinds of unearthly beings. Read on for the first word on The Visitors.

See Grave Encounters 2 at Midnight Shows All Weekend

Looking for some spooky Halloween fun to make this weekend special? Look no further! Grave Encounters 2 (review) will be having midnight showings all weekend! Read on for a list of locations.

The Vicious Brothers Talk Grave Encounters 2 and Their New Project The Visitors

Fans of Grave Encounters are well aware that Grave Encounters 2 (review) is now making its way onto the festival circuit and into their homes via VOD. Recently the creators of the series, The Vicious Brothers, spoke with Dread Central about Grave Encounters 2 and more.

Exclusive Grave Encounters 2 Clip Wants to Play with You

Time for another spooky sliver of ocular candy for you ghost lovin' cats! On tap right now is an exclusive clip from Grave Encounters 2 (review) that we're sure will send at least a couple of chills up your spine. Then again, you're a pretty rough bunch and that's part of why we love you!

Hidden Grave Encounters 2 Videos Discovered

Here at Dread Central we love when a studio goes out of its way to do something cool for the fans of its movies. That's just the case with Tribeca Film, which has some spooky tricks up its sleeves for Grave Encounters fans!

Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Starring Sean Rogerson, Richard Harmon, Leanne Lapp, Stephanie Bennett, Dylan Playfair Directed by John Poliquin

Lance Preston Featured in New Clip From Grave Encounters 2

So we received an e-mail from a user known only as DeathAwaits letting us know of a clip from the upcoming movie Grave Encounters 2. At great peril to our own well being, we've decided to share it with you.

A Trailer Creeps in for Grave Encounters 2 Along with a New Poster

Ready for your first look at the sequel to the cinéma vérité spook show Grave Encounters? Trust us - if you dug the first film, you're really gonna dig on the second. Talk about a perfect companion piece. Check out a new trailer and poster right now.

New Grave Encounters 2 Teaser Poster Has a Few Fans

From the minute it was announced, we knew that making a sequel to the cinéma vérité spook show Grave Encounters was going to be no easy task. Having recently seen the finished product, I can tell you first-hand... Grave Encounters 2 could very well be the perfect sequel.

First Still From Grave Encounters 2 on the Hunt!

The first still from the sequel to the cinéma vérité spook show Grave Encounters, known simply as Grave Encounters 2, has come our way; and we have it on tap for you cats right here, EMF meters and digital recorders not included.

New Director and Sales Art for Grave Encounters 2

Word broke yesterday of a sequel to the cinéma vérité spook show, Grave Encounters, known simply as Grave Encounters 2, and today we've got some nifty artwork and news of a new director.