The Others

UK Readers: Grimm Up North and BFI Teaming for 'Ghosts' and 'Monsters' Double Features This Winter

The UK's Grimm Up North has partnered with the BFI to host a series of screenings in unique and atmospheric venues across Greater Manchester as part of their national Gothic season, and here are the details of what's ahead.

Mind-Bending Movies: A Look Back and Ahead!

On September 30, 2011, Universal Studios brings us the newest offering in mind-bending thrills with the release of Dream House, directed by Jim Sheridan and starring Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz. It's the tale of a family relocated from the bustle of New York City to a serene New England town. Once moved into their "perfect" home, the family soon see everything begin to come unraveled as the past comes back to haunt them.

More Digital Aliens and Ghosts Coming Home From Lionsgate: After Dark's 51 and The Others on Blu-ray

Get out your calendars, kids. There are dates to be marked off! Lionsgate announced today not only when After Dark's alien opus 51 will be coming home, but also the date for the high definition debut of the Nicole Kidman spooker The Others. Look for them both on September 20th.

Ranting & Slashing: Top Ten Tearjerker Moments In Horror

The horror genre isn’t exactly known for its breadth of tearjerkers. Whenever “sad” movie moments are dissected in lists or discussions, horror is generally excluded. It’s a ridiculous notion, of course, considering there’s no genre of movies quite as emotional as this.